Young Bond: Shoot To Kill (Steve Cole Interview) | Podcast #031

It’s Young Bond time in this week’s episode of James Bond Radio. With the release of Steve Cole’s first Bond book, following on from the first 5 written by Charlie Higson, we thought it was time Young Bond got some attention on the show. Not only do we have a 40 minute interview with the author himself, we also review the book in a spectacular yet spoiler-free fashion.

If you’re a little wary of getting involved in Young Bond, put all your fears aside, they’re great books and include some of the best continuation novels in the entire Bond cannon.

In addition we go through the usual Bond chit-chat. We look at the latest SPECTRE news, discuss the latest ‘Bond event’ at Pinewood studios and plenty more!

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  • David Jackson

    When are the tickets available for the Pinewood Bond event?

    • Don’t know yet, they just released the date so far.

      • We should get some Universal Export t-shirts made up on Vistaprint so we’ll be able to spot fellow JBR-ers!

        • David Jackson

          Defo up for that idea Universal Export t-shirts worn under a Roger Moore Safari jackets

          Even if we don’t get tickets we should organise a get together and screen a Bond film