Podcast #4 – The Lost Music of Bond

Welcome to episode 4 of James Bond Radio. In today’s show, we’re talking all about the Bond music that never made the cut. We hear the original recording of Goldfinger, as performed by Anthony Newley and NOT Shirley Bassey. We hear Johnny Cash’s attempt at Thunderball, Alice Cooper’s take on The Man With The Golden Gun, a solid attempt at The World Is Not Enough by British band Straw, that might be even better than the final version and many more!

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  • buscando

    Enjoying the podcast a lot guys! Tom seemed so mad at himself when he forgot the shaving part in Goldfinger, priceless! Julie Rogers’ version of You Only Live Twice is growing on me.

    During the songs, I got a bit fixated at your show logo. I guess it changes size or something as the songs play. There’s a part in each song where this vitamin ad really marks the spot with its x and the images converge in an interesting way. I thought it might amuse you. Or not.

  • olufsphere

    Have you noticed the similar chord progression of Bassey’s “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and Sam Smith’s “The Writing’s on The Wall”? Coincidence?

  • Joe Verra

    Hey guys just got through this delightful podcast and even though I already knew some of these bond wanna be theme songs, thanks for introducing my ears to some rejects that I was not aware of. Nevertheless I tend to disagree with the way you guys blew off Eva Almers rendition of ‘Forever I am yours’ the rejected theme song for Quantum of Solace. I think you called this song a Shirley Bassey ‘wanna b’e and not contemporary enough for a modern 007 flick. To me the song gives me chills and brings me back to the Connery era. I feel that it would have been a better choice over the Jack White, Alicia Keyes ear ache that is Quatum of Solace.

    In my opinion the modern 007 films are erasing a 40 years history of 007 with a so call re-imagining starting with Casino Royal. Granted I think ‘Casino” is by far an awesome movie where Quantum seem like a Jason Bourne remake. I think the producers are trying to recapture the classic feel of the Connery era and are failing miserably. This is evident in Skyfall, however the brassy feel of ‘Forever I am yours’; could have added a bit of the classic 007 feel that I grew to love in my youth. Perhaps with a bit of a John Barry composition this song could have been up there with ‘Goldfinger’

    Anyway I am thoroughly enjoying JBR, Cheers