Podcast #7 – Goldfinger Reviewed

Welcome to the 007th episode of James Bond Radio. Today, we’re looking at the big one, 1964’s Goldfinger. This is the movie that took Bond from successful to stratospheric, bringing with it the peak of Bondmania. We go in depth on Bond, Q, Pussy, the DB5 and Gert Frobe’s delightful wardrobe choices.

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  • olufsphere

    Regarding the brandy: A “Fine” is a general term for a top level Cognac or Armanac from one of the traditional districts.
    They are then rated in “crus” by the positional origin of the grapes in relation to the top quality area in the district, where “bon bois” (good to drink) is the 5th level (of 6), and definitely not “Fine”.
    So what Bond says, is that the brandy he is offered is really a Fine, cut (or “blended”) by an inferior brandy of “bon bois” quality.

  • olufsphere

    Links apparently not OK to post, so this will be in words. There is a picture of the original prop of Goldfingers ring on the internet. It’s not a SPECTRE ring. It has Auric Goldfinger’s initials on it and no octopus.