Roger Moore Retrospective (Part 1) | Podcast #115

Now we’ve completed our reviews for all 7 Roger Moore, James Bond films it’s time to look back on the entire period for one final retrospective. This time we’ll be looking at all of our favourite Roger moments from his ‘Bond…James Bonds’ to his M scenes, his Q scenes and his Moneypenny scenes.

This is going to be a fun one so get your cigars and fake nipples at the ready, it’s Roger time!

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  • rahatul alam

    I love the podcast of the music of bond for doctor NO, really cool and fun had lots of fun, but not as much because Chris wasnt there, as usual. I cant wait for the next one to listen to while i am walking in my MI6 college JK. Roger Moore restrospective, I cant wait, I love this very much, i am a big roger moore fan, and I have to watch his movies beside Bond that he has done, that I always come across of Amazon fire, they have so many years, and they were big in the 60s and 70s as well as Sean, But I did watch his shows, Such as the Maverick the whole tv show, and Roger Moore was so good in it, originally it was going to go to Sean Connery but a good show to watch, and the godfather of investigative stories, The Saint, i saw the movie, and it was good, but wouldve been better with Pierce Brosnan playing it, but its okay it got my favorite actor to play batman playing it which is cool. The Saint was such a good show, that I did not want it to end, and so many similarities it has to Remington Steele, Magnus Pi, Moonlighting, Columbo and other investigative show, as well as spy shows such as Alias, that Roger Moore was in that was awesome, Chuck, and Burn Notice, Archer, Get Smart, The Man from Uncle. So definitely going to see him filmography. Roger Moore is the origin of a comedic Bond, Connery was but not as much, as it was the one liners, mostly that got the laughs, but with Roger it was everything, his facial expression and one liners, I wasnt a moore fan when i started watching his films, and knowing that pierce was able to be bond at that point going way back to majesties, i mean come on have you seen those commercials of diet coke my dads favorite drink. Please read the summary of my fan story plot for a possible bond film, in youtube comment section of this video. I am going to watch the persuaders and Ivanhoe for sure i cant seem to watch the alaskians too, I cant wait for you guys to get to the dalton and brosnan retrospective, because i watched alot of there work. The show im currently watching is Black Mirror which i love, and has a bond alumni in the first episode of season 1 Rory Kinnear, he was great in it, then Get Smart, The Professionals, The fugitive, The New Avengers, Mission Impossible, after that i will watch roger for sure. I agreed with Tom i watched all of Pierce brosnan and I think Timothy Daltons work, especially Pierce Brosnan, and his new two movies, were really great. I am currently reading the fourth protocol, after i finish the book, i will watch that movie. A template. I love the bond scenes that you put in made it more better. I am probably going to say what all people favorites are for me, which is not a choice people think of but for your eyes only in the car. Even Tom is talking about trump,

  • rahatul alam

    my favorite roger moore M scene would have to be live and let die all the way. The best roger and Desmond scene is for your eyes only, My favorite money penny scene would be “I would also say that natural laws haven’t changed,” he says. “As I talked about, we have the laws of logic, the uniformity of nature — and that only makes sense within a biblical worldview anyway.” Kamal Khan, tired of Bond always escaping his assassination attempts:
    Khan: You seem to have this nasty habit of surviving.
    Bond: You know what they say about the fittest. my last one would be the iconic one liner in moonraker of bond introduction. British end up is an honorable one. the bond facts was really good. xenia onotopp wins hand down!

  • rahatul alam

    temple of doom is so much like octopussy

  • GerardoValero

    “He wouldn’t know a woman if one came and sat on his head” is uttered by Natalya’s co-worker in reference to Boris Grishenko in “Goldeneye”
    The Guess the Music Q , I believe, miay be from Bond’s aquatic funeral in YOLT
    Now, I’m far from sure about which movie each version of the James Bond theme belongs (specially since they seem to have been placed chronologically) but these are my best guesses.
    1st. clip seems to belong to the gypsy camp battle in FRWL
    2nd clip would be from the underwater battle in “Thunderball”
    3rd clip would appear to be from the Little Nellie sequence in YOLT
    4th clip is likely from the oil rig attack in DAF
    5th clip may be from the “Moonraker” boat chase sequence, the one that takes place in the South America jungle.
    6th clip…could be from the ending boat battle sequence in FRWL

  • Dennis James Hardin

    Great podcast! My favorite Roger M and Moneypenny scene was also probably in LALD. I really do like Brown’s M scolding Bond in OP after the auction. I love the little “humph” sound he makes before he says “and what would you have done if you had got it?”. Great M scene.
    It really was a seamless transition from Connery to Moore as far as the MI6 regulars go. Good stuff.
    My favorite “Bond James Bond” reading was LALD (possibly my favorite in the series actually). Roger is just so smooth there, the way he glances around the room speaking those classic words as he strolls into frame. OP would be my other favorite Moore reading. His readings of that line are my favorites from any Bond actor, really. I love MR’s as well. It’s classic, he’s a smart ass, and the line is present without calling attention to itself. It doesn’t feel like an obligatory catchphrase as delivered by Moore here.
    Funny you should mention attempting a Roger -esque quip (” a woman?”) towards a radiant beauty these days without body armor. In a similar vein, when I was in college drama classes, I had seen Pierce Brosnan very suavely kiss a woman’s hand in “Around The World in 80 Days”. My drama professor, who was a very tough lady, and had shown me the correct way to perform that gesture for a play, so I rather foolishly vowed if I ever got the opportunity to do that for real, I’d jump on it. I pretty much had to live up to that promise. So a friend would introduce me around the campus to his female classmates, and I would kiss each one’s hand (trying to be as suave as Pierce). It took a lot of courage, but I think I did that a couple hundred times over the course of a year, and never (really) got a bad response. I don’t know if I could pull that off now, though. Maybe I should just bust out some Roger one-liners instead?