Roger Moore Retrospective (Part 2) | Podcast #116

This week we’re concluding over 2 years of Roger Moore 007 coverage with the final part of the Roger-spective. We’ll be looking at our favourite deadly situations, fight scenes, chases, villain deaths and a whole lot Moore…er…more.

In addition, we’ll be revealing the winner of our recent JBR family poll to see who YOU want to direct Bond 25. We’ll be talking about Purvis & Wade’s recent comments about Bond post Trump, and catching up on all the latest news from the world of 007.

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  • GerardoValero

    For me, Guy Ritchie would be the last person to direct the next Bond movie. He’s the very definition of flashy directing with very little substance. I particularly found “The Man from UNCLE” just awful.. Now, Denis Villeneuve has made one terrific film after another (“Prisoners”, “Sicario”, “Arrival” and the coming, new “Blade Runner”), he’s on record saying he’d like to do a Bond movie and he often works with Roger Deakins who shot one of the best looking 007 films to date. What’s not to like?
    I’m not completely sure about where the line “You underestimated him” comes from but it’s probably uttered by Trevalyan to Oumorov in regard to Brosnan’s Bond in “Goldeneye”
    “Oh good, there’s a train coming” is definitely said by Daniel Craig to Q in the subway tunnels of “Skyfall”
    The new Guess the Music Q is obviously from the beach fight early on OHMSS.
    And BTW, I only got 1 out of 6 questons regarding the James Bond theme from last week’s show. Pitiful!

    • “The new Guess the Music Q is obviously from the beach fight early on OHMSS.”
      Ah…Is it, though? Is it? 🤔

      • GerardoValero

        From the OHMSS bobsled scene then? They are both very similar.
        And another correction to my last posting. “You underestimated him” is actually uttered by Scaramanga to Hai Fat (in regard to Bond) for “The Man with the Golden Gun”

        • That’s where my money’s going. I’ll take full odds on the ten, 200 on the hardway, the limit on all the numbers, and 250 on the eleven, thank you very much. 🎲 🎲

          • GerardoValero

            Say, you’ve played this game before!

  • Jeff Silence

    I have to count myself as one of those people who don’t really want Christopher Nolan as a Bond director. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great director, but I feel it would end up being a Nolan film; not a Bond film.

    It was a great two years of Roger and I think interviewing the man himself was a great climax to it. Can’t wait for the Timmy D episodes.

    • James Bond Radio

      Quite a few people share your thoughts on that one Jeff. Who would you opt for to helm Bond 25?

  • rahatul alam

    Trump is a bond villian that is crazy, i would have to say go back to the cold war, since russia is back on the map with trump, russians can be the bad guy again or middle eastern people since terrorist group like ISIS are flourishing. I love that say because that is absolutely true. I recently watched Bridge of Spies and it had the same story as the pre title sequence of Die another day the trading of spies. Which i loved from that movie and this movie. this podcast is 3 hours like the lat micheal bay transformers film, this is crazy, but love it none the less. Please read my possible Bond tv show in the youtube comments of this video. I would lvoe to have felix letier come back and help bond through the war against blofeld, by having his mi6 operatives while felix has his CIA people, it would have had homage to the past, while putting a new spin on it, i totally agree with Tom. I would choose a british actress for Q and for my top five picks it would be, Romola Gari, Racheal Weisz, emma thompson (older Q), Hayley Atwell, Talulah. Annabelle Walis is pretty good. I saw Naomi in moonlight so beautiful and can act outside of bond, i didnt see her as mrs, MP or the lady from POTC, matthew vaugn did layer cake come on JBR he is the best director. the scenes of death are pretty cool thorughout the moore films. Putin is giving back snowden to trump as a gift is that not some real villian shit. i would agree with everything you said. Hey Tom and Chris check out a podcast commentary Dr action and the kick ass kid, they did bond movies moonraker, licence to kill. They are very funny, man i was laughing my ass off. They also did wild goose too. they do 90s and 80s action film, so in the state of the best action era, its worth a listen.

  • rahatul alam

    is anyone up for Pierce Brosnan in Deadpool? And Tom and Chris can you please unblock me from your facebook page, I wont do the long messages anymore i promise.

  • rahatul alam

    kim bassenger was bond girl and batman girl crazy

  • rahatul alam
  • Terry Adlam

    Another great podcast chaps. Fairly new to JBR, (Not to Bond, that’s been going on since 1967 – Blimey, 50 years a Bond Fan!) ) but getting quite addicted.

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Terry, glad you’re enjoying them! 50 years a Bond fan… we salute you! 🙂

  • Langford

    Great wrap up of Rog. Not my favorite Bond or type of Bond movie generally, but I do appreciate your points about the occasions of ruthlessness. Pre-titles are very good too- definitely Spy is in my top 3! Stunts? – Spiral Bridge hands down. It was truly death defying by the stuntman and he did it (on the first try if I recall – could there have been a second??) in real life, no green screen or CGI.

    Lads, you’re the best.
    Station A

  • Langford

    I forgot to point out the absolutely best part of this one… when the lads were walking through the list of Best of Roger questions. The funniest thing was, Chris couldn’t limit his answers to just one thing and kept begging for more options – then the MOMENT Tom wanted a second answer Chris said “No way!” Hilarious! Great work – fun and funny.

  • Ken Miosa

    My own “Rogerspective”:

    I think we can safely say that Roger Moore have saved the Bond films from fallen into obscurity in the mid/late 1970’s thru the early 1980’s, as society and popular culture/film trends changes. The following is my own short/simplified summary of the entire RM’s 007 filmography:

    Favourite ‘Bond, James Bond’ quote/moment: casino scene with Khan in Octopu$$y, how bloody cool he plays it!!

    Best/Favourite RM’s 007 character portrayal: FYEO / TSWLM / TMWTGG

    Best/Fav film overall: TSWLM (objectively best, agreed) / TMWTGG (personal quirky favourite, physically and look-wise, RM look the best in it imo 😉 )

    Least prefer films, with some enjoyable bits: AVTAK / MNRK

    Most ‘wtf/wth’ moment counts per film: LNLD / TMWTGG / Octopu**y / AVTAK lol

    Most enjoyable upon rewatches: all of them, except his last one, unfortunately 🙂

    Within my living memory; most memorable/nostalgic film promo/posters/media hype: AVTAK, bar none! (they even have AVTAK-theme amusement park rides in LA too!! The ride’s sign is a work of art to my young eyes 🙂

    Best theme songs: (particular order) LNLD / TSWLM / MNRK / FYEO / AVTAK (the worst: TMWTGG; with Octopu**y being ‘meh’~)

    Most memorable/nostalgic soundtrack, instantly recognisable: FYEO… those corny ’80s keys/synth/basslines lol~