The Scores of Bond (Part 2) | Podcast #023

We’re back with the concluding episode of our Scores of Bond coverage. This time we go from For Your Eyes Only all the way through to Skyfall. We talk about all the remaining 007 composers including Bill Conti, Michael Kamen, Eric Serra, David Arnold, Thomas Newman and of course more John Barry.

Also hear all about Tom’s controversial choice for Bond #7. Hear our thoughts on the “Mark Strong as Blofeld rumours” and more of the usual Bond banter.


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  • James

    Great second part to the scores of bond lads, I love the vesper theme from casino royale

    • Chris Wright

      Thanks James! Glad you enjoyed it… Vesper’s theme is a great track! 🙂

  • Karl Flood

    Absolutely loved thomas Newmans skyfall score especially tennyson and shes mine cant wait to see what he does with bond 24

    • Chris Wright

      Hi Karl, thanks for getting in touch! Yeah I think Newman definitely did a solid job. He definitely deserves a second crack of the whip and I can’t wait! 🙂 Cheers – Chris

  • Ross Joseph

    Will download and get stuck into this episode ASAP.

  • Mark Dutton

    Fantastic show as always boys…… M would be proud lol

    • Chris Wright

      Cheers Mark! As high an honour as can be bestowed! 🙂

  • Brian Maxim

    Serra’s “Ladies First” is finally something that you two
    proper disagree on! The moment must be
    marked in JBR history….but it is bloody awful music!

    • Chris Wright

      Haha… well there had to be something! I know I’m pretty much in the minority when it comes to this music cue but I think it’s good fun and for me it’s certainly not the worst music cue on the soundtrack. Thanks Brian!

  • Baldwin Collins

    I must agree with chris. the late john barry’s score for ‘the living daylights’ is probably barry’s best work. I personally love the title song. by the group ‘ha ha they worked very well with barry’s final bond score.

  • Baldwin Collins

    I very much like tom Arnold’s score’s. hope he return’s to the franchise
    in the near future.

  • Marty O’Dwyer

    Love the Shanghai Drive track in Skyfall.

  • Jon Allen

    Just listened to podcast (yes I’m catching up) how can we get hold of the Q The music cd or download not fussed. Any ideas have tried their website and Amazon but couldn’t find it.

    • Warren Ringham

      Hi jon, get in touch with us on Facebook. Search for Q The Music Show, drop us a line and we will hook you up 🙂

  • Tylord Stevenson

    I thought of another villain who had a take on “I’ve been expecting you, Mr. Bond.” In Diamonds Are Forever when bond falls onto Willard Whyte’s toilet, Blofeld says (In Willard’s voice), ” Howdy, son. We’ve been expectin’ you.”