Sean Connery Retrospective (Part 1) | Podcast #26

Now we’ve discussed, reviewed and rated all 7 Sean Connery Bond films, we take some time out to look over Connery’s career as James Bond. We look at everything from the best to worst M scenes, the best one liners, the best pre-title sequences and plenty more.

Also, we hear our first on location report from Septembers From Sweden, With Love event, where JBR listener Caspar Ingels tells us all about his meetings with Robert David, Kristina Wayborn, John Glen and many others. There are some great stories you’ll absolutely love!

Along with the usual Bond banter, trivia and quotes, we also take a look at the latest Bond 24 news with Christoph Waltz’s casting.


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  • Jack Lugo

    Just a sidenote in reference to the Cognac brandy in M’s office. Later on, when Judi Dench takes over the role of M. in Goldeneye, Brosnan’s Bond tells her that her, “Your predecessor kept some Cognac in the . . .”

    Dench then cuts him off and says, “I prefer bourbon.”

    • Good spot, Jack!

    • Paul Coulthard

      Completely forgot about that! That’s some magic dialogue right there.

  • Jeff Silence

    You know, I never really picked up that difference in dynamic between Louis Maxwell and Sean/Roger until this podcast. Realize and learn something new each episode. 🙂

    • Just imagine what it would have been like if Lois had stayed on with Timothy!

  • Patrick Mulready

    To the best of my knowledge, the only villain I’m aware Sean Connery has ever played was in the 1998 film version of “The Avengers,” where he played Sir August de Wynter. It was a pretty dire film, so you can be forgiven for not remembering it. I should just mention that the film did feature future M Ralph Fiennes as Mr. Steed to Uma Thurman’s Emma Peel. And I’m pretty sure I’ve got this week’s quote and musical Q figured out, so I’ll send an email with my guesses. Tell Tom not to be too titillating in Thailand. I’m sure he’s in for quite a few “Junk in his trunk” jokes.

    • Chris Wright

      I recall Sean playing a pseudo-villain in Marnie and although I haven’t seen it, his portrayal in The Offence can be seen as both good and villainous. Thankfully I never got around to watching The Avengers… perhaps it’s time for a viewing? 😉 Thanks – Chris

  • Another Great Podcast guys! A couple of items – First you rated the Thunderball Moneypenny scene as your least favorite – but you forgot to mention the phone call Bond makes to her and talks about taking her across his knee and she response ‘On yogurt and Lemon Juice, I can hardly wait” that has got to help it’s rankings, right??

    Also some great lines – Dr. No – ‘I thought I was invited up here to enjoy the view…” FRWL – ‘She should have kept her mouth shut” , “This just isn’t your day is it” Goldfinger “Certainly better bred than her owner…”

    • Chris Wright

      Thanks Dave,

      Someone else pointed out the Moneypenny phone call scene too and it was one that slipped us by. Indeed it was a great little scene too, although I’m not sure if Moneypenny was afer a response when she asked Bond if he had fainted? 😉

      Some excellent one liners you mentioned as well!