Sir Roger Moore Talks Bond, Cubby Broccoli, Timothy Dalton & more | Podcast #108

James Bond Radio is BACK with what can only be described as the best possible thing EVER!

Yes, that’s right we actually got to talk Bond with the one and only Sir Roger Moore. We hear all about his famous backgammon sessions with Cubby Broccoli, watching Timothy Dalton play Bond for the first time and even Sir Roger’s first turn as Bond back in 1964.
It’s safe to say, if you only ever listen to one episode of James Bond Radio, make it this one.

Sir Roger is out on tour across the UK this November. Grab your tickets HERE before it’s too late!

JBR would like to thank Sir Roger, Gareth Owen, Warren Ringham and Brett Spencer for his amazing graphics.

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  • olufsphere

    How MINT is this?!!

  • olufsphere

    The thingy from the golf club is a “pitchfork”. It is used to repair dents in the green from where the ball lands. The other thingy is a bag-tag, usually worn to display your club membership, but often sold as souvenirs to players from other clubs who have visited the venue.
    Very cool golf stuff! 🙂

    • James Bond Radio

      Thanks for clarifying Oluf! One of the listeners sent us a link showing us what it’s used for! 🙂

  • Baldwin Collins

    Great interview by Chris & Tom Sir Roger Moore’s insight Behind the Scenes of his Tenure as James Bond. it would be Great to Hear other Bond Stars Give James Bond Radio an inteview in the near Future.

  • GerardoValero

    It was last year that I came to know of James Bond Radio and this only ocured thanks to a Twitter recomendaton because I had been a Sir Roger follower for some time. Thus, in a way this episde feels like coming full circle. Congratulations and don’t let this landmark episode become your peak! I wouldn’t expect Connery to ever call but I’m hopeful for a Babs & Mikey G. interview one of these days!

  • rahatul alam

    Roger Moore would be perfect for a James bond show which would probably be the best investigate show ever since Remington Steele and that is its precursor The Saint. Roger Moore I will listen to that bit on the way to college, oxford perhaps. Just kidding a bond thing. Roger is to cool for a screen test that is rad as f@#k. That is cool old chap right there. Can we ever have a Roger Bond again in modern time. We got to much of a darker tone, has to be more fun. Roger called a bag of farts is really funny. there was no doubt you were going to have an interview with the coolest bond ever.

  • rahatul alam

    I have some good news for me that is, that a film class I am taking will cover Casino Royale the novel and book 2006 movie, How crazy would that be. The list of films are all bond novels and his work is so admired for being the funniest out of all films but also having lots of action. The Saint and Remington Steele is by far favorite investigative show. At this point i should go to school because I am literally studying bond, studying bond or James bond radio, IDK? I will tell you what the teacher said about this film that is so cool. Hopefully I can see Spectre tonight on channel epix in the states. I was waiting for it to come. Also Bond and Hunt is in the same universe theory because a DB5 appeared in Rogue Nation scene of the parking lot. I actually saw it my first time which was a great big blast under my trousers. Thats cool you drove to the same place, how crazy is that. Two Bond villains where appear in the star wars movie Rogue One, You got the Dario and Le Chiffre actors. How Cool is that to have Mads and Bencio. You guys went to alot of bond locations. The Db5 that is so cool, that guy must be hella rich. My summary of my own bond movie is in the youtube comment section of this video, so check it out JBR.