SPECTRE Revealed – Bond 24 | Podcast #028

Bond 24 is: SPECTRE. After the amazing press event on December 4th, we’ve put together a super special emergency episode almost a week earlier than scheduled to discuss the news. Along with our thoughts about the title and cast announcement, we’ve included interviews with the cast members, calls from our listeners and an interview with noted Bond scholar Ajay Chowdury.

If you’re pumped at the recent announcement, this is the show where you can find out even more about SPECTRE. Whether you’re interested in the Aston Martin DB10, Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista, Lea Seydoux, Monica Belluci, Ralph Fiennes, Sam Mendes, Rory Kinnear, Naomi Harris, Ben Whishaw, Andrew Scott or Daniel Craig, we talk it over in this episode of James Bond Radio.

It’s an amazing time to be a Bond fan, ladies and gentleman!

Warning: If you’re looking to avoid potential spoiler talk, we urge you to turn back now! This episode is festooned with more rumours, ideas and plot speculations than you could shake a Martini at. Obviously, at this point they are just rumours but if you want to go into Bond 24 completely blind, then it’s probably best to give this one a miss!

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  • Jack Lugo

    Thanks for putting this put early, guys. Check the email I sent for my SPECTRE theory. I think I may be possibly on to something.

  • Simon Woolley

    Epic, epic effort lads. Can’t tell you how much you are appreciated.

    • Jack Lugo

      We really appreciate the time and effort you guys put into this. Thank you so much, Tom and Chris. “Nobody does it better.”

      • Thanks, Jack…though I feel the time and effort you’re putting into your blog posts is right up there too 😉

    • We’d be nothing without you guys tuning in, so thank YOU!

  • Antoinette Miceli

    Thank you guys!!! Awesome! I’m still buzzing!!!

  • Jack Lugo

    Listening to Tom’s recording during the announcement. Immensely entertaining!!!

  • Jack Lugo

    Not sure if Tom would be keen on this but the audio of his reaction during the press anouncement has the makings of something that could go viral if he wants to create a clip of it

  • Jack Lugo

    Can we petition imdb to officially change Lee Tamahori’s name on their page for him to Tom’s version of his name?

  • Baldwin Collins

    great programme tom and chris keep-up the good job. us bond fan’s appreciate it.

    • No problem, Baldwin, we’d most likely be on Skype talking about Spectre for 3+ hours anyway 🙂

  • Paul Coulthard

    Thanks for doing this and getting it out to us so fast. It’s awesome to just sit back and listen to solid SPECTRE chat.

    Interesting to hear the Blofeld ideas. The cat’s quite a favourite. I’d love to see the climbing ‘accident’ with Bond’s parents give Blofeld his scar towards the end and turn him into the super-villian he becomes. Is it ever mentioned how he has a scar?

    Also then Bond 25 could be called Blofeld and that would make the Mendes trilogy of 7-letter titles complete and see Danny out nicely.

    • Chris Wright

      Nice Paul! I like the seven letter theme and finding out about the scar could be great!

  • bram007

    Hi guys , great couple of shows recently, 🙂 I was listening to the Spectre episode and your thoughts on the song and how to fit spectre in. …. I’m sorry about this, being a guitarist and lover of music and of course bond songs , just as a laugh I had a go , hope it’s not too bad. ,ha,ha, 🙂


    (VERSE) A sound in the night. …Darkness suffocates the light.
    You see something that wasn’t there… Crawling out of it’s lair.
    They say ghosts don’t exist , But the feeling still persists
    You’re not alone even though you are
    This ones coming close, not from afar.

    (CHORUS) Spectre of defeat
    Is what makes your heart beat
    Keeps you alive , no stain of red
    Keeps villains down , me in your bed
    Spectre of defeat , is the reason why you live
    Defeat is nothing to you now, when you stare death down.

    (VERSE) Defeat laughs like a clown, your killer smile turned upside down
    And the feeling death is near ,is something tangible you fear.
    Spectre is transparent and you see through it. , one in the barrel goes right through it.
    It’s arms around you ,full of lust, taste of blood it wants, die you must

    ( CHORUS) Spectre of defeat
    Is what makes your heart beat.
    To live is to be one
    With all that you can, or with no one
    Spectre of defeat
    Is the reason that you live.
    To die is something new , experience this you cannot do

    ( VERSE ) Defeat is all that beckons .. So all your enemies reckon.
    But death is something that will not come your way this day
    Side step the jaws of defeat …Dance around death from all you meet
    The signs of the end are nigh, you hear my sigh
    Waltz with me , take the lead ,

    The ghost of the past , come back to haunt… Your end in sight , it used to taunt.
    You knew the end could not come , nine lives is nothing next to nought.
    2 zero’s make it trouble , pop the cork, make it a double.
    Here’s to us ,all ghosts laid to rest. your name and number show you’re the best.

    ( CLOSING CHORUS) Spectre of defeat
    is what makes your heart beat.
    keeps you alive , no stain of red .
    keeps villains down , me in your bed.

    Spectre of defeat
    Do you die or live to meet
    Another day ,another way
    Death or life, your choice they say.

    Spectre of defeat
    Dance around death from those you meet
    Kiss the ones you love
    The ground beneath your feet must stay above
    The Spectre of defeat
    The Spectre of defeat .
    Keeps you alive , keeps death at bay,
    Darkness falls ,light fades away, you cannot die today
    Your god’s not with you , the father , son and holy ghost,
    It’s lead in which I put my trust. against……….
    The spectre of defeattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!

    • Chris Wright

      Wow!!! Awesome song there Bram!! 🙂

  • Steven G

    Sorry guys, I listened to your lengthy podcast – Keep up the good work! – but I don’t share your conviction that F. Oberhauser = Blofeld at all! I think we are made to believe this, but it is too obvious and too much of a repeat of the revelations at the end of Skyfall. Imo, just as in the early Connery movies and later with Quantum in CR and QOS, we won’t see anything, or just a glimpse, of the main villain(s) behind the organisation.
    Also, the sequence from FRWL came to my mind, in which Blofeld explains his strategy to Klebb, illustrated by the fighting fish. I expect the same thing in Spectre: ‘Some one’ (Blofeld) has thought of a plot in which MI6 and Quantum destroy eachother, physically and politically, so SPECTRE can take control. Oberhauser, by means of Extortion, has come under the influence of Blofeld/SPECTRE, but because of their boybood friendship won’t kill Bond in the final battle. (Or perhap something like Trevalyan in GoldenEye.)

    Just some thoughts 😉

    • Chris Wright

      Hi Steven, some nice ideas there! It was all very easy to get caught up in the hype around Blofeld / Waltz, etc, but there are now so many different speculating rumours that it really could go any way.

      If Waltz isn’t Blofeld I don’t think it would be the end of the world but it would be amazing if we just catch a glimpse/get a hint of Blofeld in the film and then find out more about him in Bond 25 and beyond!

  • Darren Noble

    A cracking listen guys. Finally I have something to do when the wife’s watching Downton Abbey. New to JBR, but I’m going back to the beginning and playing catch up. When the casting was announced, did you remember that you talked about Andrew Scott all the way back in Feb’s Podcast 2? Looking forward to future podcasts

    • Welcome aboard, Darren! I remember that he came up yeah. I’ll have to go back and listen to episode 2 and compare what we thought then with what we know now .

  • Shayne Dorrell

    I haven’t heard it said yet, but I think Muse would be a good choice for the next title track.

    • Me too, I definitely think they have a great Bond song in them!