SPECTRE Special Report: Full Trailer Analysis

Wow…what an amazing trailer! Yes indeed, it’s time for another emergency SPECTRE special report where Tom goes frame by frame through yesterday’s SPECTRE trailer for some in depth analysis.

Obviously it goes without saying, if you’re trying to remain spoiler free, don’t listen to this 🙂

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  • Langford

    Good analysis as always. I agree with some of the feedback you mentioned on the podcast – there are some strong clues but I think we’re being set up for some kind of shocker. It looks like it’s going to be terrific in any event!

  • Scott Cranidge

    Okay slow down Tom…Blow Casino out of the water? No movie, let alone a Bond movie blows Casino out of the water. Blowing Casino out of the water means FRWL, OHMSS gets capsized….Woooooo….Bring it on!

    • I know…I feel guilty saying it but all the ingredients are there. Aaargh!

      • Scott Cranidge

        True that

  • Scott Cranidge

    Daniel Craig will do 2 more for sure.

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    Christ on a bicycle – I wasn’t bowled over by Skyfall but this looks unbelievably good. The OHMSS theme excerpt must be Newman’s as it’s definitely not the John Barry arrangement. Again, thought Newman’s score for Skyfall was pretty nondescript (though I have liked scores he’s done for other Mendes films) but if all of the music used on the trailers is his then he’s definitely upped his game for this one.

    All those classic elements and a Bond movie featuring snow with some kind of Majesty’s resonance released near to Christmas, can’t ask for much more.

    In the interview with Mendes on TMS referred to in the podcast, he also mentioned that this will be his last Bond film. So, no Nolanesque re-boot trilogy for him then.

    • I think Mendes could be tempted back for one more if SPECTRE makes more money than Skyfall.

  • Paul Jamieson

    One thing that we haven’t yet seen and not sure if this a red herring, but remember at the start of production and shooting for Spectre there was a strong link to old M’s bulldog ornament? There was a lot of speculation of something she uncovered in M16 before she died. Trailers aren’t showing much of this but certainly something is corrupt and I think there are a few twists here yet. #watchthebulldog…

    • I’m guessing that’s the cryptic message from the past bit.

  • GerardoValero

    I got to work as an extra on most of the Mexico filming except (curiously enough) on the shots from early on the trialer. What I loved about the trialer is that, even though they displayed quiet a few Mexico scenes, the producers still managed to save most of them for later, when the movie opens Bond will do a whole lot of chasing around after Sciarra among hundreds of people, there will be a hell of a lot of action going on outside the helicopter which lands in the middle of a crowd and, I think it’s safe to say that we still haven’t seen the best of the action involving the helicopter, not even remotely.
    The only aerial stunts they filmed here in Mexico City where those, rather basic ones like the vessel going around and around horizontally while Bond and Sciarra fight inside/outside. They also shot the helicopter dipping into the ground (out of control) and almost crashing into the crowd. The real complex stunts where shot in Palenque (southeast Mexico) and I’m guessing they’ll be overimposed with actual aerial shots filmed here in the city, as in the scene we got to see in the trailer. BTW,that’s me in the leather jacket (almost center of the frame, a bit to the right) at 2:10 on the shot of Sciarra running as the camera follows alongside him.