SPECTRE Special Report: Teaser Trailer Breakdown Podcast

So after a night’s sleep, James Bond Radio is back with a bonus emergency episode all about the brand new SPECTRE teaser trailer.

This is such an exciting time to be a Bond fan!

JBR Meetup – Sunday April 5th

Join me (Tom) on Sunday, April 5th to enjoy a few drinks, engage in some Bondian chit chat and watch Goldfinger on the big screen at the Prince Charles Cinema, London! It’ll be a great chance to discuss the teaser trailer at length with some other like-minded geeks…plus, GOLDFINGER ON THE BIG SCREEN!

CLICK HERE to grab your tickets.

There’s only 52 left at the time of writing this, so chances are they’re going to sell out soon.

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  • Baldwin Collins

    the teaser trailer is awesome. the sight of spectre ring is really amazing
    the re-introduction of mr white is great. the demise of mr.white if there is one
    is very important. remember what I had said sometime ago maybe spectre is taking
    the quantum organisaztion over. or are their the same ?
    exciting times for bond fans. great teaser trailer review tom.

  • Stu Bell

    Great reactions Tom I think you speak for us all. Would have liked to hear audio of your initial viewing / underwear soiling, though!
    This teaser didn’t just do what it said on the tin, it made the tin, and threw it at the viewer’s head.
    So good. Can’t wait.

  • Baldwin Collins

    you have a point there tom. it would be a shame if it was’nt Christophe waltz’s
    face. but in my opinion the voice sound’s like chris.

  • Tom

    Really good breakdown, I like the theory about the ice gunshot

    • I can’t stop watching the teaser…it’s getting a little out of hand now.

  • Gary

    Great reaction & theories, Tom I love listening to you & your enthusiasm for James Bond (& Chris as well) …… Would be better if it was in a pub & we were drinking & talking all things Bond

  • Scott Cranidge

    Bond 26 will star Craig…No doubt!

    • Edward M. Ceballos

      Or since the Craig era seems to be subtly mirroring the Connery era (3rd episode straying from the “evil organization” story arc, films 3 and 4 both having 1-word titles, etc.), how about this:

      D-Craig leaves after Bond 25, a complete unknown stars in Bond 26, then Craig comes back for Bond 27.

      Sounds like a plausible scenario, right? 😉

      • Scott Cranidge

        Any things posible

  • Scott Cranidge

    You’re right Tom, it is ice and not glass. If you listen close you can hear the sound of crackling ice after the gun shot.

  • Colin Peters

    You should record Chris’ reaction when he watches it tonight!

  • Scott Cranidge

    Tom, here’s a shot of Waltz. I lightened the pic, if he has a scar it’s a subtle one. http://imgur.com/fYjfXQJ

    • Oooh nice work…I think the scar theory is debunked after looking at your version.

  • David Jackson

    Would love to have been able to meet up on the 5th of April, unfortunately I’m away
    defiantly would another time and agree with previous comment better in a pub or a cinema was hired to screen a random Bond film and for everyone to catch up and put faces to names

    As for Spectre it has the epic scope about it. Bond on a mission with strong political, thriller ensuing. Cinematography looks superb giving it a classy feel. Baby Bond music also a revalation.

    Wonder whose funeral both Bond and Monica Bellucci were at? Homage to Thunderball?

    Also thinking with. Mr White back I wonder how many years it is set after Casino Royale? As that film was Bond at the beginning

    • Edgar Chaput

      That’s the one thing, as much as I’m loving the Daniel Craig era of Bond, that I don’t quite get: the passage of time. Quantum Solace picking up directly after Casino Royale yet Bond looks different, Skyfall showing an older Bond yet it’s only his third mission, and now SPECTRE tying in with Casino Royale. I feel that’s the one thing the filmmakers are not getting completely right. In any case, it doesn’t make the movies any worse. I’m still loving them!

      • Edward M. Ceballos

        There’s also the matter of Mathis, who seems to have gone through quite a lot during the brief time between CR and QOS.

  • David Diabolik

    Oh that trailer is just so amazing! Couldn’t keep my eye off that big Roman SPECTRE meeting room! Just totally awesome! It really shows off the vastness of SPECTRE’s power. SPECTRE should be a vast network. Infiltrated in every bastion of power. Seems Mendes and crew are totally delivering. Special shout out to Hoyte van Hoytema.

    I really would like to meet up in London on the 5th. It’s a bit short noticed, but I may be able to arrange something (depending on time and money). If I can’t make it on the 5th, I really hope we can all meet up later in the year (around the SPECTRE premiere maybe?)

    Big thanks by the way for your wonderful platform. I toroughly enjoy sharing the enthusiasm and being all in this togeter in this very special time. Cheers!

  • David Diabolik

    And something else. I don’t know if its discussed yet, but Daniel is so impeccably dressed in what I’ve seen of SPECTRE so far. A modern take on all the cool clothing of the classic spy movies/series of yesteryear. I like it a lot!

  • Christian Muniz

    Regarding your mention of the blown out MI6 building, continuation of plot and the fact that M’s office seemed spic and span at the end of Skyfall:

    When I first saw Bond enter M’s office at the end of Skyfall, I inmediately believed (and hope I am correct) that we were once and for all leaving the modern-lined MI6 office suite that came about during the Brosnan era and returning, or in the case of Skyfall and Craig – beginning, in what had been the old, vintage M office of the pre-Brosnan era. As we all will recall, this was never a modern MI6 building, but rather, a cover building with an outside plaque reading “Universal Exports” in another downtown London location, presumably just for the 00 section.

    To that end, I hope Universal Exports returns in Spectre.

    So, if we accept that this is where Skyfall ends, then we can also assume that the blown out image of the MI6 building is a credible continuation of the Skyfall plot.

    I look forward to hearing others’ opinions on this. I’d love to discuss on 4/5 in London but unfortunately I live in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

    • Ohhhhhh you’ve excited me now, Christian. I would LOVE to see an old school Mi6 with a Universal Exports plaque on the door.

      • Christian Muniz

        I’m with you 100%. They must be thinking of it and I’ll bet there’s a better than 50/50 chance they do.

        It would make sense to have a super secret spy division outside of what is “the” official spy government building. A fronted cover, out in the open, gives us the feel of vintage, old school spies which still works today and is more exciting than walking into a government building. Even on the silver screen, one can smell the pipe smoke and old leather-upholstered chairs. It was nice to see the warm lighted textures of framed paintings and oriental carpeting. And then there’s the cushioned silencing door – what Bond fan doesn’t eventually want that door in his (or her) office?

        I never liked the cold feeling that MI6 radiated in the Brosnan films. Seeing the old M office and Moneypenny’s reception anteroom at the end of Skyfall, I felt spoke to Bond fans: “we have now completed piecing together the old formula and here is your silver platter (“the” office). Be sure to come back.”

        At the end of Skyfall, the “James Bond will return.” should have been adjusted to “James Bond has returned.”

  • Darren Noble

    Ticket booked for Goldfinger…just 46 left. Might wear my Anthony Sinclair Slazenger sweater.

    In the teaser trailer at the 45 second point, is that the back of Waltz we see in the funeral scene? Maybe, maybe not?

  • Darren Noble

    Just checked out, still 282 tickets left for Die Another Day on 7th June. You know you want to

  • Jason Chappuies

    I photoshopped this image to create what I think the scar might look like. That is if there is one.

  • Scott Cranidge

    SPECTRE Teaser Trailer Breakdown

    Annotate Script Style

    Opening Shot: MI6 Headquarters Vauxhall Cross – Dusk

    The SIS Building is still damaged from the events in Skyfall. If it’s not
    a flashback then it looks to be about within a fortnight after the attack,
    at the very least 6 days. At my guesstimation the lack of smoke would take
    3 to 4 days to dissipate.

    Cut To: James Bond & Eve Moneypenny in Bond’s New or Repossessed Flat

    It seems to be late dusk and Moneypenny Drops by Bond’s place with a package. With the Death Olivia Mansfield [M] still fresh Bond seems to be hitting the Russian vodka a little harder than usual.

    Note – An idle James Bond tends to give into his base proclivities of Drinking,
    Benzedrine Pills and smoking [Balkan and Turkish tobacco], sadly they wont show him kindling a cigarette anymore. It would be cool to show Bond struggling during these rough idle moments. He finds a pack a smokes lights one, Inhales and them stamps it out showing he knows it’s not conducive to chasing after the bad guys.

    Eve Moneypenny [V.O.]

    Forensics finally released this.

    James Bond [V.O.]

    What is it?

    Eve Moneypenny

    Personal effects they recovered from Skyfall.

    Fade To: James Bond in his New or Repossessed Flat

    Bond is sitting on his sofa looking through his ‘Personal effects’. It seems to
    be just after Moneypenny leaves. He’s in the middle of a move so he has pictures leaning against his bare walls, moving boxes still opened, books stacked willy-nilly. He seems to have his most important books on and underneath his table, for easy access. It’s like a makeshift desk, complemented of course by M’s Bull dog.

    Eve Moneypenny [V.O.]

    You’ve got a secret. Something you can’t tell anyone…
    because you don’t trust anyone.

    Among his effects are the Temporary Guardianship papers giving custody of
    a 12 year old Bond in 1983 to one Hans Oberhauser.
    Along with the papers is a single black and white photo of a young Bond
    standing besides Hans and what could be his son Franz. The picture is damaged and we can’t see the face of the third person. Blofeld anyone?

    Fade To: Northern Lake [Austria?] – Early to late Dusk

    A man [Bond?] is maneuvering a single engine boat across an Alpine lake. Insert Music from ‘The Shining’ here.

    Cut to: Northern Lake [Austria?] – Early to late Dusk

    We can see a isolated cabin at the far end of the lake.

    Mr. White [V.O.]

    I always knew Death would wear a familiar face…

    Cut to: Exterior Isolated cabin – Early to late Dusk

    James Bond approaching said isolated cabin.

    Mr. White [V.O.]

    …but not yours

    Cut to: Interior Isolated cabin – Early to late Dusk

    A pair of Black Ravens [A death echo anyone?] swoop from one end of room to
    the other. Bond, Walter PPK in hand, ducks their foreboding lunge and retains
    his icy cool exterior.

    Cut To: Rome – Exterior Day

    We are at a funeral scene, Bond in the foreground facing a Large cross and a
    Priest is giving his memorial sermon to a crowd of people. In the distance we
    see a woman facing profile to the crowd.

    Fade To: Rome – Exterior Day

    We now see a close up of this woman named Lucia Sciarra an it’s obvious she’s
    the widow at this funeral.

    James Bond [V.O.]

    I was at a meeting recently and your name came up.

    Cut To: Rome – Exterior Night

    Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 arrives at said meeting in dialogue?

    Mr. White [V.O.]

    I’m flattered London is still talking about me.

    Fade To: Roman Hall – Interior Night

    We see a interior glimpse of a Grand Romanic Hall.
    Bond is moving amongst a crowd on a balcony looking down at someone.

    Cut to: Interior Isolated cabin – Late Dusk

    We see the back of a Mr. White’s disheveled mane in the foreground. Bond,
    now standing in front of White leans in, measures and then places a small object on the chess table. It’s a fluid Bondian move.

    James Bond

    It wasn’t MI6

    Cut to: Interior Isolated cabin – Late Dusk

    We see a close up of Bond’s hand placing the small object on the chess board.[Checkmate Mr. White].

    Cut to: Interior Isolated cabin – Late Dusk

    We see Mr. Whites hand holding the object and it is a ring with the SPECTRE
    Haliphron Atlanticus [Seven-arm octopus] insignia on it.

    Cut to: Interior Isolated cabin – Late Dusk

    For the first time we see Mr. White front on and to say he looks red eyed
    and bedraggled would be an understatement. He stares at Bond with resignation. But is that resignation for himself or Bond?

    Mr. White

    You are a kite dancing in a Hurricane Mr. Bond.

    Fade To: Roman Hall – Interior Night

    We are back at the Grand Romanic Hall again. It is an exalted shot, top
    down. Bond moves through the crowd toward the balcony. The James Bond
    theme is playing over the scene via high pitched Percussion Chimes
    [Very Damian Horror like] Unsettling to say the least.

    Franz Oberhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

    Welcome James…it’s been a long time.

    Fade To: Roman Hall – Interior Night

    We have a close up of the head of a large opulent table of 21 individuals.
    Is this Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

    Franz Oberhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

    But finally…here we are.

    Cut To: Bullet shot through Ice?

    Final Zingers:

    1] The new SPECTRE ring has a Seven-arm octopus instead of eight. Or as Uncle Roger would put it if it were in one of his movies.

    ” It’s an Haliphron Atlanticus. A seven armed octopi Sir. Based on scientific
    records, it has a maximum estimated total length of 3.5 metres…11 feet I

    2] Like QOS, Spectre seems to be a direct sequel to Skyfall.

    3] In the new rebooted timeline Bond’s birth year is 1971, making him 44.

    4] James’s Aunt Charmian is Andrew Bond’s sister.

    • Jason Chappuies

      Dedication at its finest

  • stephen wheeler

    Back when Skyfall was released I wrote to John Logan suggesting he use the plot thread in Deavers Carte Blanche concerning Bonds mother working for the secret service and him investigating their possible murder. As to Blofeld, surely its too obvious, him being Oberhauser?
    I’d look to one of the other ‘ usual suspects ‘ in the line-up !

    • Edward M. Ceballos

      Honestly, I’d be more disappointed if Watz turned out to be a decoy and Belucci turned out to be Blofeld, instead. Still, I guess anything is possible.

  • Edgar Chaput

    Great episode dissecting the trailer.
    I honestly didn’t put two and two together regarding what the bullet in the SPECTRE logo is breaking. The manner and speed at which the material cracks does indeed suggest ice rather than glass. We all know what happened to Bond’s parents in 007 cannon…hmmm….

  • Chris Orlando

    When I rewatched the SPECTRE boardroom scene, I noticed something that made me think Christoph Waltz might not be Blofeld. When you see Waltz, there are open double doors behind him with men standing on either side of the doorframe. But in the scene right before that where Bond is overlooking the SPECTRE boardroom table, there are no doors behind the person sitting at the head of the table, who presumably would be Blofeld. It looks like there are those doors behind the people sitting on the sides of the table, and I think that’s where Waltz is sitting. What do you guys think?

    • David Jackson

      I thought that too

      Could it be that Christoph Waltz is also MI6 and has infiltrated SPECTRE and been caught? Has he contacted Bond to help him escape SPECTRE’s evil clutches? Bond feels duty bound to help rescue Waltz his childhood friend?

      I’m also of the view that Monica Bellucci is Blofeld, as the series is long overdue a powerful villainess

      Loving the amount of debate this trailer has already caused. Imagine what the film will generate on release??

    • Edward M. Ceballos

      That’s some good attention to detail, is what I think, and you may be on to something. However, I also think that if Waltz isn’t Blofeld, then I’d rather Ernst not be revealed in this film at all. Keep his face hidden for a couple of films, just like in the Connery Era.

    • Maybe he is hiding in plain sight. A double bluff on the part of EON. It’s just hard to think of anyone else who would just, ahem, waltz in and be Blofeld. Who could possibly be a better fit?

      • Chris Orlando

        I can’t think of a better actor to play Blofeld than Waltz, but my gut is telling me his character will really be Oberhauser, a member of SPECTRE but not the head of it. He could still use his prior knowledge of Bond to assist SPECTRE without actually being Blofeld himself. I just don’t want a situation where Oberhauser is Blofeld and formed SPECTRE to get revenge on Bond. The Blofeld we know from the Connery days is a sinister villian bent on causing worldwide mayhem and havoc, and was only concerned with Bond because he thwarted his plans. If his motivation now is based on jealousy over daddy liking Bond more than Franz, then it kind of cheapens his character for me.