The Stunts of Bond with Paul Weston & Jay Richardson

It’s time to talk about The Stunts of Bond on this week’s JBR. We’re honoured to be joined by two Bond stuntmen – Paul Weston and Jay Richardson.

Jay had the honour of doubling Daniel Craig during the skydiving scene in Quantum of Solace. He tells us all about meeting Daniel and Olga and the process involved in filming such a complex and potentially dangerous sequence.

Paul goes way back to the Roger Moore era of 007 and is probably most recognised among Bond fans for playing a certain paint gun wielding guard in the pre-title sequence for The Living Daylights.

Strap yourself in for an adrenalin pumping episode of James Bond Radio.

Jay Richardson Interview Begins At: 28:29
Paul Weston Interview Begins At: 47:18

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  • Baldwin Collins

    Great interviews by Chris Wright, very insightful stories by Bond veteran stuntmen Paul Weston and jay Richardson.

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Baldwin. Glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

  • GerardoValero

    These extraordinary interviews are almost becoming common. The sky’s the limit for 2018!
    The new “Libero” Listener quote comes the scene in FYEO where Sir Roger is about to jump from the giant toboggan thing and the instructor gets irritated. The new Guess the Music Q comes from the scene in TSWLM in the pyramids where Jaws bites into Fekkesh.
    Do you want to be in the next Bond film? During the filming of the “Spectre” pre-title sequence here in Mexico I became friends with a Bond fan from Sweden named Erik who searched the internet for the local casting company that was hiring people for that film. The principle is that you have to look and contact via internet whatever casting company is doing that job in each location(preferently one that’s hiriing a lot of people, as was the case here in Mexico) and afford a couple of trips (one for trying out your clothes/custom, the second for the filming itself). During the filming, one of the things we were able to do was to have a good conversation with Gary Powell the stunt coordinator. I kind of kidded him about the fact that a helicopter fight (which is where things seemed to be headed at that moment) seemed to standard for a Bond opening and he really took it to heart, little did I imagine the kind of stunts that the helicopter pilot was capable of doing. Actually, my firend Erik mentioned to him having met Paul Weston in one of those Bond conentions, and Gary seemed to know very well.
    During the filming I crossed paths with Mikey G. and Barbara several times though I found them a bit too imposing. Only with the former did I try to start a conversation which was ended prematurely by the deafening sound of the stunt helicopter. Meeting your heroes (Bond related or not) is a wonderful thing but also very frustrating. It’s like having your closed ones develop amensia. You know them perfectly well but they of course have no idea who you are.