Talking Strangways | James Bond Radio Podcast #107

This week Chris talks to special guest Rich Zakka. Rich is the grandson of actor Timothy Moxon who you will all know as Commander John Strangways from Dr. No. We hear about his service during World War 2, life during Jamaica’s jet set hey day of the late 50s and of course hear all about his role in the very first James Bond film.

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  • rahatul alam

    Goldeneye Equilibrium synopsis is on you tube comment section of this video, check out my fan out fandom of the two with Pierce replacing bale and some bond stuff, i will listen to this podcast on the drive. I just saw JasonBourne in theaters the new one, same stuff and on the empire podcast or mayo podcast, they talked about this fifth installment being better than spectre, I was disagreeing so much this movie, wasn’t anything new, and i think that spectre has something new, as oppose to jason bourne which is retreading the same story over and over again. I mean i loved the las vegas, opening sequene but that was it, and the criminal organization named spectrum.

  • olufsphere

    WADDAYAMEAN “Take time off”??? What will we be doing all of September without our favourite podcast?? That’s unacceptable!!!

    No, really – it is!
    Argh, ok … enjoy then! 😉