Terry Mountain & Sylvana Henriques Interview | Bonus Christmas Day Podcast 2017

Merry Christmas JBR Family!

As a little Christmas Day stocking filler we thought we’d treat you to a bonus podcast featuring our recent interview with Terry Mountain and Sylvana Henriques. Recorded at a recent JBR-ONLY private screening of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you’ll hear some killer stories from their time on the film. 

Listen Below…

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  • Dennis James Hardin

    Great interview! Wonderful to see this on Christmas Day. I must say offering to give a lift at an audition is a great idea. Very cool indeed.

    • James Bond Radio

      Certainly was… that man Mountain is a classy guy!

  • Jason Davis

    What a great interview! I wish I could have been there. I could sit in a pub all day with Terry Mountain and listen to his great stories! My goal is to make it to the 50th Anniversary of Majesty’s in 2019!

    • James Bond Radio

      A superb goal Jason and we’re the same. Terry certainly has a way of keeping people entertained. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Simon Firth

    Cracking interview. Terry is a real raconteur. Top chap.

    • James Bond Radio

      Glad you enjoyed it Simon and indeed, what a top bloke Terry is!