The Allies of Bond (Part 2) | Podcast #046

We’re concluding our coverage of the supporting characters from the world of Bond this week. Last time we covered everyone from Dr. No through to For Your Eyes Only and today we’re completing the set all the way up to Skyfall.

We’ll be talking Vijay, Sir Godfrey Tibbet and Saunders through to Sharkey, Jack Wade and Kincade.

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  • Scott Cranidge

    What about Mathis?

    • Langford

      Yes you beat me to this! I think Mathis is an awesome ally – I thought there was that strange “red herring” near the end of CR about him being in with Le Chiffre… never really got why they did that. Next to M’s death in Skyfall, Mathis’ demise was the most poignant in the recent films. Viva Mathis! 🙂

      • Simon Hunter

        My thoughts are that at the end of Casino, Bond had a lot to learn & was still on quite fallible.

  • Scott Cranidge

    1 Kerim Bey
    2 René Mathis
    3 Marc-Ange Draco
    4 Tiger Tanaka
    5 Quarrel
    6 Sir. Godfrey Tibbett [Honourable Mention]

  • Nic Knight

    Yes, I was wondering why Mathis wasn’t mentioned; in my opinion, he definitely slots into the sacrificial lamb ally role in Quantum. If not an ally, what other category would he fit into?
    1) Draco
    2) Kerim
    3) Tanaka
    4) Tibbett
    5) Mathis

  • Jeffrey Westhoff

    I can share a tiny bit of insight on Jack Wade. I was lucky to participate in the “GoldenEye” press junket way back in 1995, and Bruce Feirstein was one of the people we interviewed. Someone else asked why Jack Wade was invented, why didn’t they just bring back Felix Leiter.

    Feirstein then stunned me when he replied, “Because he’s dead.” I quickly replied, “No he’s not!” He shrugged and said, “Well, there’s some dispute over that.” So clearly there was a faction within EON that believed Felix took a turn for the worse after “Licence to Kill.” If you ever have Bruce Feirstein on as a guest, you should ask him about that.

  • Moritz Bonn

    My Top 5

    1) Tibbet (simply because of the chemistry between him and Bond)
    2) Kerim (oh he was so great in FRWL and I liked his backstory)
    3) Mathis (his dead was so sad in QoS but I hated Bond’s reaction)
    4) Felix Leiter (just the main ally)
    5) Vijay (he made me first smile and then cry, always seemed to me that bond was a Mentor for him)