The Allies of Bond | Podcast #045

We’re shining a light on some of the supporting characters from the world of Bond this week. We’ll be looking at key players like Quarrel, Kerim Bey, Draco and many more from Dr. No through to For Your Eyes Only today, with Octopussy through to Skyfall coming up next time.


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  • Allen Voice

    Hey Tom-
    Jack Lord was known for his starring role as “Stoney Burke” on television at or around the time of “Dr. No”. He wouldn’t do “Hawaii 5-0” until 1968.

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    David Hedison for me the best Leiter. Chemistry with Roger in LALD is fantastic. One of the funniest scenes for me in the whole series is Leiter’s call in LALD to the flying instructor – “Yes, sir. I know you can’t just glue the wings back on…Now, Mr. Bleaker, I’m sure there’s no need for name-calling…” Hedison still works well enough with Tim in LTK, though the age disparity in that case is a bit jarring.
    Great episode again. Yep, you can’t beat those old charmers Kerim and Draco. In the cases of Draco and Rik Van Nutter’s Leiter (who I agree is a great Leiter too) props of course need to go to the voice artists that did the dubbing for those characters.