The Big James Bond Boxing Day Quiz 2014 | Podcast #029

Merry Christmas everybody!

We’re rounding out the year with our comprehensive James Bond 007 quiz bonanza. We’re going to test your knowledge of all 6 Bonds, plus look at the music, the books and even an entire round dedicated to guessing quotes. It doesn’t get any better than this everybody!

We’ll be looking at the latest spoiler-free SPECTRE (Bond 24) news, including the Sony hack. We’ll be talking Dr. Evil’s comeback and a host of other Bondian bits n bobs.

Get your pen and paper at the ready, it’s time for the Big James Bond Boxing Day Quiz 2014!

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(The quiz starts around the 51:00 mark, if you want to skip all the Bond banter beforehand)

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  • I can’t download it! Right click takes me to an HTML site rather than an MP3…

  • David Diabolik

    Took the quiz ! My score’s 89. So I am a proper M. Good Christmas fun. Thanks guys!

  • buscando

    I got 46, but I think you forgot to say the character ranking for that. Who’d be above the Hip & below Triple X? Red Grant? Kronsteen? Klebb? Quarrel? Drax’s cucumber sandwich? The bearded guy that graciously lies down on the conveyor belt as Sir Rog presses the button to wrap him up? Great quiz guys! Thanks!

    • Oops, we did forget. That ranking will now be known as Sir Godfrey Tibbet!

      • buscando

        Arrgh, I was killed in a car wash. Oh well, at least I was a Sir! 🙂

  • Rory Couper

    Finally got around to doing this on my morning off. Scored 88. Best rounds were Rog, Dan and Music, all 10/10. Let myself down on the 5 Bond Girl questions. Didn’t know the 54′ CR question and thought the Serena Scott Thomas question was Teri Hatcher. (Got 4/5 on Chris’s bonus round – Also went for Dawson. Sneaky). The quote round is an absolute killer, but somehow managed 8. Two little things – On the non-UK directors, you missed Spottiswoode (Canadian) or at least I think you did). Also, on Chris’s bonus round – Bond doesn’t visit England in TSWLM, just Scotland. Or am I forgetting a scene? Great, great quiz. Thanks guys.

  • danielw95 .

    Another fine quiz! I managed a fairly respectable 70 points. I did give myself a point for Q3 on the bonus round for Licence to Kill (as Bond does not visit England either in this one).
    Great fun guys thanks!

  • Matt Raubenheimer

    I’ve just got round to doing this quiz. I scored 88.5 (4 of which were on the bonus round). A very enjoyable quiz.

  • GerardoValero

    Bond doesn’t make it to England in Licence to Kill either. I’m also not sure about TSWLM since, I believe, the submarine scenes were filmed in Scotland.

  • GerardoValero

    I believe that the (or one of the) reasons why Chris scored higher higher here is simply that his questions are more difficult than Tom’s. I scored 66.5 plus another 2.5 points from the bonus round, being as strict as reasonably possible.

  • Kyle Mayberry

    I’ve spent the past 6 months re-watching all the Bonds & re-reading the books in the run up to the release of SPECTRE. I don’t think my Bond knowledge has ever been higher and I got a 61.5 on the Ultimate Quiz this morning and a 62.5 on this one this afternoon. You guys came up with some hard trivia but I love the podcast. You guys are the best.

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Kyle…. only ten days until this year’s JBR bumper bonanza Boxing Day quiz! 🙂