The Big James Bond Boxing Day Quiz 2015

It’s that time of year again! The presents have been opened, the turkey has been eaten and Santa is finally putting his feet up somewhere warm with Mrs. Claus. What else is there left to do but enjoy a super size portion of Bond, James Bond, during the holiday season?

The time has come for this year’s edition of The Big James Bond Boxing Day Quiz and this time it’s a doozy! Grab a pen and paper, pour your favourite Christmas tipple and get ready to put your Bond knowledge to the test!

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  • GerardoValero

    A few comments on the quiz.
    1) For a change, i found Tom’s questions a lot harder than Chris’
    2) Isn’t Never Say Never Again’s Domino another Bond girl who avenges a sibling?
    3) Another possible error in the quiz:_ “i’m over here” is actually from Moneypenny to Roger in Octopussy (not in FYEO) as a reply to the “you look more beautiful everyday” comment that Bond directs to Miss Smallbone when entering the MI6 office.
    4) My favorite part of the quiz (by a longshot) was when Chris’ tries not to wake his Mom with all the yelling (priceless!!!!)

    MY FINAL SCORE WAS 66. The funny thing is that my scores have been almost identical for the 3 quizes of yours that I’ve taken. I know very little about the Bond books and that section always kills me.

    I thought it would be fun to post my answers in this comment section live as I hear the questions. I will not go back and change them, but instead, will just add each result in the shape of a 1 a 1/2 or a 0. This makes is a……
    1) Dr. No’s goons surrounded Honey with crabs, but those didn’t move or do anything interesting and the scene was skipped 1 2) NO IDEA of the Lektor name in the book 0 3) AU1 is the registration number of Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce 1 4) Connery “threatens” to put Moneypenny on his knee and spank her, (or something like that) 1 5) Little Nellie’s gadgets are aerial mines, rockets, flame thrower (all conveninetly writen on Dimo tape) I’m not sure if she has a machine gun but probably not 0 (under protest!) 6) The player’s at Queen’s Club in Dr. No are Strangways, Proffesor Dent and possibly the Superindent 1 7) Bond steals the Lektor on the 13th. 1 8) Goldfinger’s 4 miracles are Man has sent Rockets to the moon, gone to the bottom of the sea and split the atom 1 9) Thunderball, by having Big Ben ring 13 times at 12:00 o’clock 0 10) Lox is liquid oxigen and smoked salmon 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7 correct answers on Round 1
    11) OHMSS Santa needs sleighs, reindeer, love nd that’s all I remmember! 0 12) There are 4 Blofelds in Diamonds are Forever 0 (!”#$%&/!!!!) 13) The feathered hat belong to a small headed man who lost a fight to a chicken 1 14) No idea of Hai Fat’s partner 0 15) Shane Rimmer also appeared in YOLT and Diamonds are Forever (and Superman II and Batman Begins) 1 16) I can’t remmember Bond giving Tracy a compliment on any body parts but I’ll go with eyes and hands 1/2 17) The story on DAF while they are in bed is about The wolf and he 3 little pigs 1 18) Old Albert is the cocodrile who took Tee Hees arm 1 19) Scaramanga only shots 1 bullet + 4 for each of 007’s fingers=5 in the pretitles of TMWTGG 1/2 20) XXX learned in the survivial curse that food was very important a positive mental attitued and sharing bodily warmth 2….7 points on Round 2.

    21) I think here were 6 Moonraker shuttles (Bond pilots #6) 1. 22) Michael G. Wilson plays an Orthodox priest in FYEO very briefly 1 23) Bond wins 200,000 rupies in Ocotpussy 1 24) No idea the name of Largo’ video game (I’ve only seen NSNA a couple of times and hate it) 0. 25) Tracy Sutton uses salt ammo in her shutgun 1 26) Drax comments he’s not English so he doesn’t understand their humor 1 27) FYEO Operation Undertow (Octopussy’s is Trove) 28) Magda collects memories in Octopussy (in the form of a photo) 1 29) Connery’s wife Micheline came up with the tiltle Never say Never again 1 30) Max Zorin was born in East Germany, Dresden I believe 1 …… points in this round…..9 points on Round 3
    31).Pushking presses a button on his watch to call his bodyguard in TLD 1 32) Heller came to a dead end in LTK 1 33) Tanner calls M The Evil Queen of Numbers 1 34) Geoffre Palmer is Admiral Roebuck (Black King I think) in TND 1 35) The Z8 has 6 beverage cup holders 1 36) I don’t remmember the code sign of the security guard 0 37) The tanker trucks have cocaine in a liquid form 1 38) Siberian separatists are blamed for the attack in Severnaya 1 39) The Devonshire, The Chester are the 2 warships I remmeber in TND 1 40) 009 fired the bullet into Renard’s brain 1……… ……….9 points in Round 4.
    41) In DAD they reccyled the Warship scene from TND 1 42) Vesper says the body parts are his little finger, and maybe, his brain? in Casino Royale 1/2 43) I can’t remmember who left the note at Bond’s hotel in Quantum so I’ll go with Agent Fields 0 44) Woman is saboteur or saboutrix in Skyfall 0 45) The 4 buttons in the DB10 in Spectre are Backfire, Ammuniton, Ambiance and Eject (?) 0 46) Can.t remember name of the station in DAD 0 47) Straight flush in Casino Royale (?) a 4 and a 6 I think 1 48) Mr Slate was hired to kill Camile I think in Quantum 1 49) Bond exchanges the chip for 4,000,000 Euros in Skyfall 50) I think Madeliene is the first to say the name Spectre in said movie but I can’t think it might be written 1 ………..5 1/2 points on round 5.
    51) Lady Fleming’s maiden name is Lady Charteris 1 52) No idea on the villains of the DAF book 0, 53) Ian Fleming died in 1964 at about 57 years old so h must have been born around 1907 0 54) No idea of publisher of Fleming’s books 0 55) No idea of book where Bond investigates murder of dispatcher in France but I’ll go with Moonraker 0 56) Fleming wrote about 12 James Bond novels plus the short stories 0 57) The opening line is from Casino Royale? 0 58) No idea how Hugo Drax dies in Moonraker 0 59) No idea of name of 2 thugs in TSWLM 60) No idea of Bond’s alias in TMWGG………1 point in ROUND 6.
    60) Skyfall is the frist Bond film to use the F word (by M) 0 62) The only Bond film to be released in the same order than the book might be TSWLM or Moonraker, I’ll go with the latter as final answer 0 63) Q orders a proteinic, acid something drink for Bond at the clinic (can’t recall the whole name) 0 64) “The things I do for England was first uttered in Thunderball, when Bond is with Fiona Volpe at the hotel (I think) 1 65) Pierce hurt his knee in DAD and I believe his wrist in TND 0 66) Bond and Melina use the submarine Neptune in FYEO, 1 67) On a deadly mission in Germany msut have been OHMSS or TLD, I’ll go with the latter as final answer 0 68) No idea of Daniel Craig’s trainer in Skyfall 69) Kronsteen was played by Vladek Sheybal in FRWL 1 70) Licence to kill has the tobacco warning at the end 1……4 points on round 7.
    71) The band is Byron and the something-ettes (maybe the dragonettes???) 1/2 72) Bond travels to 3 continents in Moonraker (the African job, Venice France, Los Angeles/South America), 1 73) And love is a stranger who beckon you on…..don’t think of the danger, or the stranger is gone 1…in YOLT 74) LeChiffre has been played by Peter Lorre, Orson Welles and Madds Mikelsen 1 75) “We’re 2 of a kind” is the All time high lyric in Octopussy 1 76) The gunbarrel scene has been shot about 11 times as only the Daniel Craig’s have all been different ones 1 77) Don Black worked on Thunderball, Diamond are Forever, Man with the golden gun, Tomorrow never dies (end song)The Wolrd is not enough which makes 5 1 78) Tilly Masterson was the Bond gilr avenging a sibling in Goldfinger, Domino in Thunderball and, subsequently, Never say Never, Camile in Quantum (plus parents) 1 79) Common sense says that the first EON song nominated for a Grammy most have been Live and let die 1 80) No idea which band preformed DAF 1…8 1/2 points in round 8.
    81) Maaxxx is from AVTAK 1 82) Press that button there, out she comes is uttered by Q for sure, perhaps refering to the knife in the briefcase for FRWL,1 83) I’m over here …by Moneypenny in the Pnelope Smallbone in Octopussy 1 84) Forgive my curiosity but what is that? …..Roger asking Magda about her Octopus tatoo in Octopussy 1 85) C’moooon! is Timothy from LTK pretitles, perhaps when they are climbing the helicopter to go after Sanchez 1/2 86) Dnnner 8 oclock is Gobinda to Bond in Octopussy 1 87) That sounds like ????? 0 88) I just hope that little stunt didn’t scare him off is Kwang to Bond in LTK 1 89) You know nothing about it…no idea 0 90)That noise is Coronel Moon to Bond in the pretitle sequence of DAD 0…………..6 1/2 points on round 9.
    91) Let’s buy……..don’t joke, a prince de comissair, but who will pay??? 1/2. 92) On a cost for bullet base he must be your best customer….unfortunately I’ve never seen his face as he has the bullets collected (or the like) from TMWGG 1/2 93) Spare me the sentimental rubbish he knew the risks!….and his wife??? LTK 1 194) You just killed james Bond….is that who he was???? DAF 1 95) Remarkable but what does the club secretary have to say….oh nothing mr. Bond, I own the club Goldfinger 1 96) As you can see I have no problem with female authority….oh james, you are incorregible! (Goldenye) 1 97) Oh thank you general, thank you!….put him on a plane to Moscow! (more thank you thank you!) in a diplomatic bag!!! TLD 1 98) That pays many debts! …..she should have kept her mouth shut! FRWL 1 99) In london april is a spring month..when are you britts going to learn to just drop it!!!!…….while in Moscow we freeze our asses off! (Goldeneye) 1/2 100) ???? 0. Foolish sentiment….no, family motto from TWINE…….. 8 1/2 points on round 10.

  • Tylord Stevenson

    48.5 I need practice, but I like Quarrel anyway. Actually 49.5 after I corrected my results because of that error GerardoV pointed out about “I’m over here” being in Octopussy- which I thought it was. I had a lot of fun with this quiz. Merry Boxing Day.

    • GerardoValero

      Curiously enough, on last year’s quiz I believe that they also got mixed the Moneypenny scenes from FYEO and Octopussy.

  • stbell75

    Scraped a Felix. Just. You guys are inhuman. You both so need to go on Mastermind this year. Even if your GK is crap you’ll walk it on Bond alone… 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Langford

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, boys! Great quiz – amazing effort by both of you- every time I think the podcast should be about done I look down to my iPhone and there’s an hour left!

    As for scores, I’m crap on the older stuff – if there’s a Pussfellow level, I’m that!

    Welcome back from a well deserved holiday!

  • Kyle Mayberry

    I scored a whole 63 points, 1/2 point up from last year. That’s 2 years in a row as Felix. I guess it’s fitting since I’m American.

    Another fantastic quiz guys, hopefully next year we’ll have some Bond 25 news and I can improve my score another 1/2 point.

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    Great stuff, guys. Happy new year to everyone under the JBR umbrella.

    61.5 for me on the latest quiz, which seems to be about my level on all the quizzes so far. Can’t be disappointed with Felix. Glad others have already pointed out the few slightly incorrect ‘correct’ answers so I can save my own pedantry for another day!

    Looking forward to the reviews of the ’80s Roger movies (the age of the aged secret agent) and plenty more in 2016.

  • Colin Peters

    49… I must say I am a little disappointed in myself but at the same time that means there is plenty of room for improvement and expanding my Bond knowledge!

    Hope you guys enjoyed your well deserved break and I can’t wait for a great 2016 of JBR!

  • olufsphere

    Wow … that was pathetic!

    I got Nigel Small-Fawcett, and not a very convincing one at that. More like Rowan Atkinson in a orange bikini. It was ugly!