The Bond Girls (Part 1) | James Bond Radio Podcast #053

Following on from our recent interviews with Caroline Munro and Martine Beswick, it’s time for James Bond Radio to talk about Bond Girls! We’ll be going right back to Dr. No through to Live & Let Die in today’s podcast talking Honey Ryder to Solitaire with all the Bond girls in between.

In addition, the second round of Bond Celebrity Deathmatch comes to an end, we run the usual gauntlet of quotes, trivia and all the usual JBR goodness!

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  • GerardoValero

    A couple of the trivia answers and a comment:
    1) You drift throug the years and life sames tame,…..till one dream appears and love is its name. (YOLT).
    2)The music cue comes from the scene where Bond borrows the Q Boat in TWINE.
    3) I’m glad you aprove since you are paying the bill!. Achille Agurbine to Roger Moore at the Eiffel Tower in AVTAKRegarding the Casino Royale shower scene, I’ve always wondered how Bond manages to do with just the one tuxedo Vesper gives him, considering he uses it as a shield against a machete in the stairs fight, showers with it (along Vesper) and goes through the poison scene with it as well,….yet it always looks impecable!

    • James Bond Radio

      Some good points there Gerardo! 🙂