The Collectors of Bond (Part 1): David Zaritsky | Podcast #037

James Bond Radio is back with the first of a two parter looking at the world of collecting 007. This week we’re talking to Zaritsky, David Zaritsky, who you’ll have most probably seen on youtube or his website The Bond Experience talking about the clothes of Bond and showing off his awesome basement that’s stuffed to the rafters with Bond memorabilia.

We also run through the usual gauntlet of listener messages and emails. We discuss Daniel’s dodgy knee and we announce the JBR listener’s choice award for the ultimate Bond villain.

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  • Berend

    I’m not doing anything wrong, but there’s no video link this time, right? Couldn’t ‘face’ it? 😉

  • GSmith

    Well Done Chris & Tom about your comments about peoples passions including Bond (including the funny comments)

  • Chris Emery

    Mentioned in the podcast

    Roger Moore v Sean Connery celebrity deathmatch.

  • Stu Bell

    Brilliant. And a worthy winner 🙂

  • Stu Bell

    Congratulations on the download barrier by the way! Good work as ever, gents.

  • Nice podcast! David did a great job finding an original Bond niche.

  • lgsnelh

    Hi Sheila, Chris, Tom and all listeners!

    I don’t know if there are any GTA players out there but I created a James Bond Radio Crew in GTA online. Design is awful but still – may be good place for JBR fans to get together and compete in our Dewbauchee JB 700’s :).

    Keep up the great work!

  • Baldwin Collins

    the james bond radio villains rating list is accurate auric goldfinger #01