The Collectors of Bond (Part 2): Nick Bennett | Podcast #038

We’re back with part two of our Bond collectors coverage. This time Chris talks to Guiness world record holder, Nick Bennett, famed for having the largest collection of Bond memorabilia in the entire world. Chris was lucky enough to be granted access to the hidden underground lair to see the collection and spent an hour with Nick talking all things Bond.

We have all the latest SPECTRE news and speculation with some absolutely intriguing little nuggets found on the SPECTRE IMdb page. All we’re saying is that maybe Christoph isn’t Blofeld after all?

Also don’t forget to stick around for the 007 “gameshow” that closes each show. You’ll get your regular dose of Bond Trivia, Guess the Quote, Complete The Lyric, Guess The Music Q and Bond Celebrity Deathmatch.

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  • Berend


    Great podcast so far (I’m only 1 hour in, and having a great Friday so far) as always.
    You mention the ‘Spectre Boss’ mention on IMDB and Chris than explains how in the teaser, Oberhauser is clearly sitting at the head of the meeting table. However I beg to differ – if you look at the background when Oberhauser/Waltz speaks, he has big doors behind him. But those big doors, when looking down from the balcony, are only on the left and right of the meeting table. Hence, it’s not Oberhauser who sits at the head of the table. And I like your speculation that this could be about how Blofeld gets to be head of Spectre. Food for thought.

  • stephen wheeler

    Can we have an comparison between the different Bond ski, boat and car chases.. Listing which is the best overall chase scene?

  • Jack Lugo

    My take on the SPECTRE Boss Imdb listing is that maybe SPECTRE is a bit like the mafia where there are different levels since they probably won’t do the number thing. In the mafia, there are “capos” or “captains” and each of these men is in charge of his own crew and essentially a “boss.” The ultimate boss or the “capo de tutti capi” is essentially the “captain of all captains,” which is the de facto boss, but I don’t think any American mafia men have ever taken that title since it would create tension between families. I suspect that with SPECTRE, however, Blofeld ultimately becomes the defacto boss with several tiers of other bosses beneath him. It would make sense for a vast criminal organization to have a tier system of various levels of “bosses” to misdirect any law enforecement efforts and keep their own rank and file in line.