The John Barry Sound | Bonus Podcast

James Bond Radio is back…just not quite how you probably expected. Sadly, due to scheduling issues we’ve had to delay our Octopussy review until next week. Boo!

However, not to leave you in the lurch, we’ve cooked up a little bonus mini-episode for you thanks to special guest Warren Ringham. Following on from our previous podcast we’ll be learning all about what gives John Barry that unmistakable Bondian sound.

Rest assured we’ll be back next week to talk everything from Mischka to Grischska!


Don’t forget to check out for more info about the band and be sure to grab tickets to their show at The Harlington in Fleet on November 27th.

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  • Stephen Wadsworth

    We’re just so lucky as Bond fans that John Barry was the person chosen for ths music for those first movies. Given how tight money was on the first two films (and even how careful with money the producers were in the glory years) Cubby and Harry could easily have gone with a solid English film composer like Ron Goodwin for all of those films and they couldn’t possibly have known in ’62 that John Barry would become a genius of film composing. But that he certainly did and I do agree with Warren that it’s his orchestrations that put him over the top as no. 1.

    Would recommend to anyone who hasn’t heard them the two instrumental albums that Barry made in the late-90s – The Beyondness of Things and Eternal Echoes. Nice whenever you want an hour’s peace and calm.

  • Tylord Stevenson

    I can’t get enough of this! I find this subject very intriguing. Does Warren have any other videos or audio recording dissecting Bond/John Barry music?
    Looking forward to Octopussy episode.