The Man With The Golden Gun Reviewed | Podcast #036

The year of Sir Roger continues at James Bond Radio this week with our review of the big man’s second 007 outing, The Man With The Golden Gun. This film does tend to divide opinion among Bond fans, with some hailing it as a classic and some calling it Roger’s weakest. What will be the JBR verdict? Tune in to find out!

Also, after Chris finally watched the brand new SPECTRE trailer, we talk at length about what we saw and what we hope we’ll see in the finished film. We have our usual round of Bond chat, along with what seems to be developing into a full scale Bond game show at the end of each episode. Don’t miss Bond Trivia, Guess The Quote, Complete The Lyric, Guess The Music Q and the first installment of James Bond Celebrity Deathmatch!

It’s all happening on James Bond Radio!

Don’t miss this week’s edition of James Bond Radio – The Man With The Golden Gun: Reviewed

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  • Matt Raubenheimer

    Regarding the TMWTGG gunbarrel, I think calling it generic is a bit unfair. It actually had a very unique style up till that point. It was the first to replace the twangy guitar with orchestral strings for the main line of the theme. This sound would later become generic for all of John Barry’s Roger Moore scores. I think he did it to give Roger’s Bond his own sound, a little softer than the guitar sound of the Connery films.

    • You make a good point there actually. One we hadn’t considered…I take it back!

  • Bond Blog

    That’s exactly what John Burlingame writes in his splendid book The Music of James Bond: Barry uses strings in the gunbarrel sequence to underscore the lighter note of Moore…

  • Baldwin Collins

    aulric goldfinger is an iconic bond villain. every other villain is secondary.
    however all that can change if ersnt stavro blofeld return’s in ‘spectre’

  • Baldwin Collins

    good thing you mention about sir roger moore and the eldris alba issue,
    firstly sir roger is not a racist and I like tom, where you mention about the ‘live and let die ‘ diary authored by sir roger. in a nut shell its about the media selling papers
    not the celebrities.

  • Baldwin Collins

    the pre-title sequences like what you said, ‘goldfinger’ and ‘the livingdaylights’ are
    also my favourite. brilliantly done

  • Baldwin Collins

    well ‘live and let die’ was my first bond movie back in (1973)
    so it has a special place in my mind. ‘the spy who loved me’ (1977) comes in
    second for me.

  • Scott Cranidge

    The Man With The Golden Gun is and will always be my guilty pleasure Bond. It is a very flawed film, and could have been so much better…but I luv it.

  • Scott Cranidge

    Tom – “Í don’t know how to live my life the next few months.”
    lol I love you guys…lol