The New SPECTRE Teaser Poster (Bond 24)

So it turns out the teaser poster released with the SPECTRE title announcement at Pinewood Studios back in December wasn’t the actual teaser, it was just a teaser for a teaser. Today, Eon Productions have released a brand new teaser poster for the latest James Bond movie, SPECTRE.

So, what do we think Bond fans? You can’t ignore the Live & Let Die influence on this pic, it’s like they’ve raided Roger’s wardrobe for this one!


…and here’s Roger:


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

By the way, the principle cast have arrived in Mexico and there’ll be a new press conference on Wednesday 18th March.

  • Chris Orlando

    Is that a NATO watch strap? Classic! Here’s hoping we see Daniel in his Royal Navy Uniform.

  • Jeff Silence

    With this LALD look and the OHMSS-looking Austrian footage, it seems like the film crew is hinting to us that they’ll be returning to a more traditional Bond film, which I wouldn’t mind seeing.

    • Indeed it does. I feel like the car chase is going to feature some gadgety stunts too.

  • David Jackson

    Daniel looks excellent in the teaser poster and like the comments below I hope that this is a return to the classic Bond films of the past full of action, exotic locations and a who dun it with various twists and turns.

    Super excited now to see the teaser trailer which I now know will be out on the 28th of March

    Cue gun barrel opening and a rip roaring action thriller

    I also think that SPECTRE will be left open ended with Bond 25 being SPECTRE 2 (though maybe they will think of a better title)

    After the success of Skyfall they have a licence to expand the Bond universe and add more depth by way of interesting characters and the return of familiar faces in the guise of Moneypenny, Q and M

  • Bryant Burnette

    That is great. I work at a theatre — I’d say there’s an excellent chance that when the tube of those posters comes in, one of them is going to have “sustained shipping damage” and have to be “thrown away.”

    What a shame…

    • Outrageous behaviour! We promise not to turn you in to the authorities if you send us one 😉

      • Bryant Burnette

        Well, look who just checked off the “extortion” spot on SPECTRE bingo…


  • Rory Couper

    A little like a perfume ad, but does the job. Hoping SP has a distinct identity and isn’t just a patchwork of tones and visuals borrowed from previous films. Think I prefer the first official shot from the slopes, Dan looks bad ass in those specs.

  • Brett McAleer

    What’s with the LALD visual references!? First of all, the bullet hole in the glass that forms the octopus that reminds one of Roger standing behind the bullet holed glass in the LALD teaser poster, and now the black skivvy! And the “Day of the Dead” sequences been filmed harkens back to the voodoo themes. It’s LIVE AND LET SPECTRE DIE!

    • Linda Zhu

      I’m getting vibes of both OHMSS and LALD from SPECTRE. Which is good news 🙂

      • Brett McAleer

        Yep. I’m hoping for a LALD-type title song now!