The Spy Who Loved Me Reviewed | Podcast #40

James Bond Radio is back with what can only be described as a behemoth of an episode, our review of 1977’s classic, The Spy Who Loved Me. We went a little overboard this time and ended up waffling on for just under four and a half hours, which is why we’ve conveniently split this week’s episode into two sections.

This week we talk Trigger Mortis, the latest Bond novel from Anthony Horowitz. We hear about Game of Thrones star, Kit Harington’s “Bond dream.” We cover the latest SPECTRE news and of course we talk about Sir Roger Moore’s favourite of his Bond films, The Spy Who Loved Me.

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  • Matt Raubenheimer

    I’d love to see you guys do a James Bond marathon. A friend and I did a James Bond marathon four years ago. We didn’t go without sleep though. We had two scheduled sleep periods (one between LALD and TMWTGG and another between LTK and GE). I found that getting some sleep in helped to make it a very enjoyable experience and I think I enjoyed all of the films as much as I have on any other viewing (LTK excepted, I was too tired!) A few friends joined us at various stages of the marathon, and we all did quick one or two minute reviews after each film and worked out our combined ranking for the whole series.

    • I think sleep breaks would be essential…not sure I could manage 2 days straight.

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    Been looking forward to the TSWLM review for a while. Great as always, chaps.

    I recently read Tom Mankiewicz’s autobiography, published posthumously. I knew he worked on all of the 70s Bond films, uncredited on the Lewis Gilbert films. His lack of credit on the later two films I assumed meant that these were just minor script polishes. However, in his book, Mankiewicz reveals that it was a pretty substantial ‘re-write he did on Spy… for Cubby, officially unbeknownst to anyone else on the film (though Tom claims that Roger twigged what was going on). Interesting stuff in the book about how Sean tried to get Mankiewicz involved in Never Say Never Again.

    Interesting that two notable people from the main crew of Diamonds…. – Tom Mankiewicz and Charles Gray – made uncredited contributions to Spy…

    For a long time, a lot of people seemed to say ‘If only Connery had done On Her Majesty ‘s…’ Apart from that being bullshit (the implication that Majesty ‘s…. would have been improved without George), the question I’d rather ask is ‘What if John Barry had done The Spy Who Loved Me?’ I agree that Bond ’77 rocks (if you can take a bit of disco) but otherwise I think Marvin Hamlisch’s score lacks the depth and the class of a John Barry score which would have elevated Spy… even further.

    Loving the reviews of the Roger films.

    Would recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it the 3 hour ‘Making of The Spy Who Loved Me’ from 1977 (originally a BBC documentary series) that’s available on YouTube. The Top Gear ‘Bond cars’ special too.

    • Sounds like an interesting read, I’ll have to grab that one!

      • Stephen Wadsworth

        Think you’ll enjoy the Mankiewicz book, as long as you can overlook the odd factual inaccuracy (such as attributing the croc stunt in Live & Let Die to Bob Simmons)!

  • Colin Peters

    Great episode as always guys! Great to see and hear from Linda at Station C.

    I think it would be awesome if you guys did a Bondathon for your 100th Episode considering your almost halfway through the Bond films at Episode 40. You guys could live stream it and maybe post it although that would take forever to upload.

    As for the deathmatch, I believe Alec would win because he would use the Goldeneye to knockout all of the power in the volcano which would knockout all of Blofeld’s communications and his crater guns. Alec would then come in flying his Tiger helicopter that is immune to the EMP and precede to plant charges on crater door and set them for “6 minutes”. After the charges blow, Alec leads the attack with Onatopp and the Janus group while receiving help from Ourumov and his Russian troops. They would overpower and outnumber Blofeld’s Japanese troops leading to their downfall in no time. Onatopp would seduce Hans and ultimately enjoy a good squeeze. Meanwhile at the tail end of the battle, Blofeld would be running away from Alec and until he reached his monorail. Unfortunately for Blofeld, the monorail does not work because of the EMP from the Goldeneye. Alec would then slowly walk up to Blofeld (who would be petrified) and say “closing time Ernst, last call”. He would then precede to ruffing him up for good measure before throwing him into his own Parana pool. That’s how I imagine it going at least.

    • That’s a very sound, logical argument in favour of Trevelyan there, well done 🙂

  • Scott Cranidge

    You Only Live Twice…all day everyday over Spy.

  • Jeffrey Westhoff

    Still listening to your “Spy Who Loved Me” podcast, but I want to answer your question about the Russian sailors on the Liparus. I think when Bond frees the British crew he tells them to “free the others.” You do see Russian sailors in the battle, but not that many of them (maybe they had a smaller crew?). Look for the black-and-white stripes on their tunics. You also see Russians scrambling to get into the Wayne as it makes its escape.

    Just heard Chris’ comment on the missing music on the soundtrack. The version of the Bond theme that plays as Roger rides the big golden ball is spectacular, and cuts out just as the horn section kicks in. It kills me that this version of the Bond theme has never been released on any recording, not even the many anniversary repackaging.

  • Duncan Browne

    While listening to Linda’s excellently energetic and enthusiastic interview on this podcast, her mention of the Bondathon made me instantly think of Alan Partridge’s Bank Holiday weekend plans to watch each and every 007 movie in his caravan (we must have some psychic thing going on as you mentioned this episode later on in the show).
    This inspired me to watch the episode again, including the opening scene where Alan was asking his radio show listeners to call in and tell him which celebrity they would like to spend the Bank Holiday weekend with, and how they would pass the time. One caller said he’d like to spend a day with Sean Connery enjoying a lamb lunch and a day out at Legoland in Windsor.
    This made me wonder, if you guys could spend the day with one Bond character, who would it be and what would you do?

  • Jon Allen

    Just listening to part 2 of the Spy review and you commented upon the relative ranks of Bond and Anya. As an ex-military man I must point out that Bond is actually senior in rank to Anya, Bond as a Naval Commander is equivalent to the Army rank of Leuitenant Colonel. The Army rank of Major is equivalent to Leuitenant Commander. Therefor Bond out ranks Anya.

  • Just listening to the second part of the review – I never knew Stromburg had webbed hands….I have watched it dozens of times….

  • Billy Bumbags

    “Why are the cups wobbling?”

  • olufsphere

    Don’t know if you ever got an answer on the “Trigger Mortis” cover graphics, but it looks to me like it’s the building instructions for a paper rocket. You have to fold the book open and see both the front and back cover. There’s a large square element, that is to be cut out and “rolled” into the body of the rocket. Then there’s a triangular element, that rolls into the pointed nose, and a smaller element that should be replicated to create the tail fins.

  • Stm007

    Watched this last night. Brilliant film!

    One bit that I found quite hilarious…Stromberg’s speech where he venomously mentions the decadence of the world above the sea–while standing in front of his huge gold and silver globe in his massive mission control room on the largest tanker in the world that swallows three nuclear submarines. Riiiight….