The Villains of Bond (Part 2) | Podcast #035

We’re back to conclude our Bond villain coverage this week with Part 2 of our Bond baddie special. This time we’re going from For Your Eyes Only’s Aristotle Kristatos all the way through to Raoul Silva, then concluding with rating every single villain with our trademarked 3-tier system.

As usual we talk about the usual SPECTRE news (with an airtight “skip ahead” spoiler warning system), run the usual gauntlet of trivia, quotes and music Qs and discuss who would win in a fight between Rosa Klebb and Irma Bunt.

Don’t miss this week’s edition of James Bond Radio: The Villains of Bond, Part 2.

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  • bram007

    Great show again guys 🙂 … Really enjoying all the episodes.

    Just wanted to help Tom with the plot of The Living Daylights. ha,ha,

    It’s o.k, ,it IS a tough one to follow all the pieces and only years later did I really follow it and pick up on everything. so as short and clear as I can here goes. …

    Bond is helping Koskov,a russian general to defect who has asked for help to escape ,saying a sniper will stop him. Bond helps Koskov escape ,shoots the sniper and when back in the U.K. is told of a plot to kill British agents led by General Puskin who has gone mad ,sick like stalin ,so Koskov says. … Bond is ordered to kill Puskin after Koskov is snatched back by the KGB and after finding the woman snipers rifle ,he realises the bullets were blanks. … Finding the woman, Kara , who is Koscov’s girlfriend ,he learns that the defection was fake and that Koskov is working with Brad Whittaker ,an american arms dealer…. Bond later learns, from General Puskin when he catches up with him ,that Koskov was about to be arrested for misusing state funds and learns later still that that Whittaker and Koskov had stolen the state funds which were to be used for a weapons order from the russians and Puskin. When Puskin found out ,they needed him killed ,so they staged the fake defection to get false information about Puskin being mad and a danger to agents to the British knowing that the british will send Bond to kill the only man who knows of their plan ,leaving their hands clean of the assassination…..Once done and with the false information presented to M and Bond , Koskov returns to his plans via the pretend KGB snatch back at the safe house. The duo had then used the money to buy diamonds which they were going to use to buy opium from the snow leopard brotherhood which later they can sell and make a profit using the money from the deposit for the weapons order to buy the diamonds and then in turn ,buy the opium…. They can turn a huge profit when they sell the opium on the streets, still supply the russians with their weapons order and replace the originial state funds after, using the profit from the opium being sold and having money leftover for themselves without anyone else knowing the funds had been misused and without anyone suspecting any wrong doing… Koskov had wanted Kara ,the woman sniper out the way because as his girl friend , she knew too much and he wanted her out they way and set her up as the sniper. When she realises from Bond that he was the sniper, she joins him to defeat the bad guys plans.

    Hope this helps a little ,ha,ha, … some of it went over my head when I first saw the film in 1987 and it is maybe the most complicated twisty turny plot of all the Bond films. and I must admit , I’ve just given myself a headache typing it and reading it back ,ha,ha, 🙂 but I hope it helps a little to put it together in a clearer form than it is laid out in the film.

    P.S , can anyone explain Donnie Darko or the architect’s speech in The Matrix Reloaded to me ? … I’d really appreciate it ,:)

    • Wow, after reading this I don’t feel stupid anymore. That IS a twisty turner! Thanks for breaking it down for me 🙂

      • bram007

        Ha ,ha You’re welcome . … It’s my favourite Bond movie and I’ve seen it more than any other and it takes a few viewings to fully get all the pieces in place. I can’t recall any other bond movie being quite so twisty turny. … I’ve just remebered, I can’t recall where i read it, but there’s a review of this film that used the word ‘bogus’ throughout the entire piece and it’s hilarious. it kinda went like this … A bogus assassin kills 2 british agents during a bogus training operation in gibralter after which a bogus defector uses a bogus sniper to shoot at him and then escapes with the help of a bogus gas plant worker and then gives bond and his superiors bogus information to enable him to compete his bogus plan before being snatched away by a bogus milkman who is using bogus milkbottles and a bogus medical helicopter while bond being bogus poses as koskov’s friend and helps kara, koskov’s girfriend escape by bogusly dressing up a cello case as a person in a phone booth. Bond has to set up a bogus assassination using bogus blood to outwit the bad guys who are bogusly pretending to be on a mission for russia. the baddies bogusly pretend to be red cross workers with a bogus human heart to transport their diamonds. Bond receives help from a bogus prisoner who is really a leader of the afghan rebels and helps bond to be a bogus afghan to get inside the plane transporting the drugs and blow the load up with a bogus package which is actually a bomb bogusly disguised as drugs. the bogus plan comes to an end when the henchman bogusly stows away on the plane ,fights bond who then kills the baddie who was acting bogusly with a bogus key ring. …………..ha,ha, after I read the review some years ago, which was somewhere along those lines, I cannot think of this film without hearing the word ‘bogus ‘ … I wonder what Bill and Ted would think of it? 🙂 .

  • Colten H.

    Silva would be in Tier 1 on my personal list. I thought he was brilliant. I agree that it will be interesting to see how we view that film and character as time goes by.

  • Baldwin Collins

    yes the ‘live and let die’ turtleneck is reminded in the spectre teaser poster
    but the out-fit is legendary in most spy films, and Daniel craig looks awesome
    in it.

  • Jack Lugo

    I also wanted to chime in about FYO. The film is set up in part as a morality tale for Melina as Bond convinces her that killing to avenge her parents would only make her a killer and not bring her parents back. While I agree that if Melina had killed Kristatos it would have been more of an appropriate death, it would have gone against the message the film was trying to get across about the nature of revenge even though she had already killed Gonzalez. Ironically enough in Ian Fleming’s short story, the character of Judy Havelock does indeed kill Von Hammerstein who was respsonsible for the death of her parents. I’m not sure why this bit of moralizing was included in the film

  • Paul Coulthard

    Best next line round yet!

    I’m very happy that you both love Silva. Really creepy. And the climax is awesome.

    Looking forward to your full villain rankings.

    I’m glad you weren’t too subtle about Golden Gun for next episode! I wanna watch it just before I listen to the review.

  • Langford

    Hi guys, I really enjoy the podcast and the villains episodes. I have a comment about the Silva scene with Bond in the chair – either for villains or for your future review of Skyfall.

    In the scene where Silva acts sort of flamboyant and suggests that he is interested in Bond sexually, I think Bond immediately responds “What makes you think this is my first time?” not because he’s gay or whatever, but because he sees an opportunity to seduce and eventually defeat Silva. However, Silva is just messing with Bond’s head (no pun), because he immediately says, “the physical stuff… so boring!” He knew Bond, being a 00 would try anything to escape and defeat him. He was just toying with him (no pun).

    I have friends who hate this scene because of the undertones and suggestion that perhaps James Bond is suddenly bisexual or something. No, the joke is on them. He’s just being a master spy. Of course, so is Silva….

    Take care! Langford