The Trailers of Bond (Part One) | Podcast #126

James Bond Radio returns this week with an in-depth look at the cinematic trailers of Bond. We cover the latest Bond news and rumours including the recent Amazon and Apple revelations. And we speculate on the big changes that might be coming in the post-Daniel era of 007.

Trailer Reviews Begin At 1:15:30.

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  • GerardoValero

    Personally, I dread the future day when the Broccoli’s do sell the rights to Bond. The key to the series lasting for over 50 years has been for sure the fact that the producers have made them as a labuor of love .If they ever do sell it to a major studio I can envision every new entry in the mold of “Die another Day”: big, bloated, over the top, etc.
    Now, is Greg Wilson the key to the future? This is really hard to tell. He gives the impression of a “cool dude” more than anything else and doesn’t really exude the gravitas of either his father or Barbara . At any rate, the latter is only a couple of years older than I so the way I see it, with her at the helm of Bond I will most likely have a lifetime supply as we know it.
    BTW, the Guess the Music Q belongs to the end of the Bondola chase in Venice.

  • rahatul alam

    tom hardy in legends movie, is so bond, there was a casino scene where i couldve seen him play bond in casino royale, i mean criag and him were in layer cake. tom hardy in legends was a scene where his girlfriend in the movie kills herself with pills that is similar of vesper lynd dying in the CR book, but in the legends movie, it was played well, something that tom hardys bond would do.tom hardy in the movie has a bond hard type of scene where he tries to kill osmeone with a gun, but the gun doesnt work, so as the guy tries to flee away he just gets a knife and stabs him a bunch what an assassin, thats what bond would have done with le chiffre, with the knife if felix leiter didnt come with help. I cant wait for the trailers of Bond, and to review, them the last few weeks i have been listening to james bonding, which was cool they came back and reviewed alot of bond movies but with new people, so thats cool. i saw a young bernard lee in the third man movie, it was really cool and a good movie everyone should see it. i was watching catherine the great, i was a big fan of ian richardson, because of the biritish house of cards, he shouldve been alfred as he references in the movie, BAPS, but anyway, christoph waltz is in the movie, i was like so blown away. ian richardson role in this movie reminded me of cristoph waltz character in three musketers, and soon enough he is in this movie, Live action version of bond, a young bond could be cool, his young life, i mean similar to the tv show gotham where its a young bruce wayne. Elijah wood wanted a bond convention, check it out in the screen junkies channel movie fights. The summary of my fan bondam is in the previous james bond post, thanks for checking it out. James bonding podcast did a james bond ride podcast, check it out. I would be down for disney they found the first bond sean connery from a disney movie, so does craig with golden compass i think. the forever and death book reminded me of icarus form dad, so i dont know about that movie. are you guys hating on queen b she was in the austin power movie, but daniel said he wanted rihanna instead of beyonce. Im with shatterhand. sean connery narrating was so cool, for a first bond trailer, wow i am amazed this is by far my favorite trailer. my god can you imagine. yeah sean connery narration is like a philip marlowe type which is cool which is a book i also am reading and the screenplay for one of the books was written for the movie by bill paxton dad, farwell my lovely, and he was a big ian fleming fan of bond, which is pretty cool. FRWL trailer is pretty spoilerific, but how else are you suppose to get people in the seats. so i guess i understand. GF trailer was a little bit better than the previous ones, for sure, but so grandeour and gave alot, so this one was also good. TB is the first bond film my dad saw as a kid, with a film translater since he didnt know english. it didnt sell me as much, but had some creative ieas sprinkled over. But didnt really sell me. YOLT was very non spoilerific whihc is good just a bunch of action scene but the narration was very bad, compared to the other ones, really dull and uninspiring. maybe because the movie wasnt good connery didnt care i dont know. thank god they didnt show donald pleasance that would have been a big spoiler. the soundtrack so bambastic so that was good no doubt. ” grabbing love where he finds it donald trump” loved it. OHMSS wasnt to spoilerific alot of action scenes. but they narrator said a new bond person is kind of weird to bond fans at the time i bet. But they shoudlve had the iconic sountrack, they used in spectre. But its all good none the less. DAF was okay, connery is back like the narration not spoilerific, and it was a good ending trailer for sean connery. the whole mud scene with diamonds are forever was pretty cool. LALD was very good no spoilers and it gave alot of action not much narration, which is also cool. so this one was a belter as you would say. TMWTGG was really good loved it my second best trailer after LALD, but it was not spoilerific but does tell the plot. TSWLM was also really good no spoilers not much narration but got me with scenes that are good. MR was really good no spoilers alot of action and was the narration voiced by roger moore? this trailer was really good. FYEO was really good alot of action but not to much spoilers, but tells you the plot right up front which reminded me of the spectre trailer, telling you hte mission right in frony. but good none the less. the progression of the trailers are crazy my favorite is the firsst one and 3 moore film but its all good. Its the history trailer. does tnd have raining in it i feel like the avis car scene. an honarable mention in mission impossible rogue nation, they have a db5 parked in the opera house, which i noticed it in the theathers than i researched it and i was right, say that i have a golden eye lol. connected universes. i would choose vesper again, solitare didnt do much in fighting but vesper did a little bit of fighting. I saw jane seymour in a recent film called Fifty shades of black a parody of fifty shades of grey, buti they have a for you eyes only poster in the film which was cool.

  • Gareth Stuffins

    Very much enjoyed listening to this podcast Guys but I do think the “dude” who narrates most of the trailers more than deserves a name check….. it’s the late, great Patrick Allen.

    • I agree, he was a great presence even if you only heard his voice. He did a lot of acting but became the Voice of God in so many announcements, Tv shows and adverts, even the government safety film in case of nuclear war and Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. He was also in The Body Stealers alongside Neil Connery! Peter Dickson has filled the gap left by him by impersonating him for VO for The X Factor and E4.

      Allen did some of the UK trailers like YOLT, DAF, OP and AVTAK. It’s interesting to hear the US trailers often had different narrators to the UK with different dialogue yet the trailers themselves were often almost identical.

  • Terry Adlam

    Another great podcast. Don’t be away for too long!

  • Simon Firth

    Definitely rained in SPECTRE.
    I even remember the behind the scenes set up with all the rain machines pouring stuff all over the Rules canopy for when M walked out.