My Trip to James Bond Island, Khao Phing Kan, Thailand (Video)

This week I finally achieved a life-long dream of visiting James Bond Island, also known as Scaramanga’s base from The Man With The Golden Gun. We were given only 40 minutes to explore before the boat left, so I did my best to give you guys the tour before I had to run. Once you land, you essentially get access to 4 key areas used in the film:

1. The beach were Bond lands his sea plane
2. The ‘mushroom shaped rock’
3. The spot where they would have filmed the rock from Scaramanga’s base.
4. The beach from the pre-title sequence where Miss Anders is seen sunbathing.

Check out the video below to get the tour…

Stills from the film…

Main Beach

Anders Beach


Sea Plane

Island 2

Front Door 2

Front Door 1



  • Simon Woolley

    Awesome. Better on a third viewing.

  • Jack Lugo

    Wow. Thanks for putting together the video. It’s really amzing.

  • Oliver Shane Madden

    Cool! Wasn’t the same island used for Tomorrow never dies as well? Just before Bond and Wai Lin set out to find the stealth chip?

    • They filmed in a similar area but they didn’t use the actual island as far as I know.

  • Darren Noble

    Fantastic. Always love seeking out those Bond locations when travelling, although my wife doesn’t always agree. This one’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  • Baldwin Collins

    great photo’s tom. that’s what great about the earlier roger moore film’s
    the location’s are beautiful.

  • GerardoValero

    I’m amazed at how many visitors and vendors it gets.
    One of the ultimate Bond locations for sure and unlike most people, I really like the movie.

  • Philip Stevenson

    Excellent video, did you buy any Nick Nacks from the stall holders?


  • Dennis James Hardin

    Very cool video! TMWGG had some of the coolest locations in the series. I wonder how tall that huge peak on James Bond Island is? Looks several hundred feet at least!