A View To A Kill Reviewed (Part 1) | Podcast #111

It’s the beginning of the end. Over the last 2 years we’ve been covering the Sir Roger Moore era of James Bond and it’s finally coming to a close with A View To A Kill. It’s a film that definitely divides opinion. It certainly has it’s lovers but also those who aren’t so keen. In his recent JBR interview even Sir Roger himself said “I didn’t think it would be as good.”

So, what’s going on with AVTAK? Is it an underrated gem in the series or do it’s detractors have a point? Let’s get to the bottom of the AVTAK situation! Grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and let’s go deep on A View To A Kill.

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  • GerardoValero

    People made such a big deal about Danny Boy becoming the first blonde James Bond. In truth, it was Sir Roger’s 007 in A View to a Kill the first one in that category.
    This is my least favorite entry in the series and personally I find it way, way below than the previous Octopussy. By the time this film came out they it felt like they were using stunt doubles for the scenes in which Rog was doing things like climbing up the stairs. I also think May Day’s conversion to the side of the good guys was about as convincing as Jaws’.
    Much awaited podcast does not dissappoint thoguh!

  • rahatul alam

    Cool Dr Strange is bondman by tom standards, love the talk about Ian Fleming, I am taking a class about film and book adaptation and we saw and read casino Royale. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a54216190299302f6eaf326fa18bc64c55560b343c3c89244f5183141a53a6f.jpg

  • Simon Firth

    Chaps, that was bloody hilarious.
    Found myself crying with laughter at some of that.

  • rahatul alam

    Cool Dr Strange is bondman by tom standards, love the talk about Ian
    Fleming, I am taking a class about film and book adaptation and we saw
    and read casino Royale. So I studied bonds first book and talking notes
    from class about the film and book for a future casino Royale episode.
    The summary of my clash of TND and Tokyo drift is on the youtube comment
    of this video, please check it out. The title is Tomorrow never Dies:
    Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. The summary of the short story A view to a
    kill could’ve been in the movie.Bond investigates the murder of a
    motorcycle dispatch-rider and the theft of his top-secret documents by a
    motorcycle-riding assassin. The rider was en route from SHAPE, the
    Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, then located in Versailles,
    to his base, Station F, in Saint-Germain in France. Since Bond is
    already in Paris, his superior, M, sends him to assist in the
    investigation in any way he can. Bond disguises himself as a
    dispatch-rider and follows the same journey to Station F as the previous
    rider: as expected, the assassin attempts to kill Bond. Bond, however,
    is ready and kills the assassin. He then uncovers the assassin’s hidden
    base of operations. that all a pre title sequence that would be kill.
    Actually Bond sits at a local diner and it starts the chase after, good
    for a pretitle. max Orin industry was real that is very cool, I did not
    know that. 003 death and his family is pretty cool. roger in all white
    in the snow was really cool. and the song was so corny. Snowboarding and
    wave surfing goes hand in hand in bond, both in last movies of bond
    actor such Roger Moore ( snowboarding) and Pierce Brosnan ( surfing). I
    love the sequence not the beach boy song. all the snuggle was pretty
    cool, I loved it all, many people don’t like it I loved it. the song
    title sequence was okay, not my favorite but still good. I saw both
    avengers show that mcNee stars in also he is in this movie, many bond
    characters in that show like Honor Blackman and Diana Ring as well as a
    majesties girl and Jordan Belfort aunt in wolf of Wall Street. Really
    good shows kind of corny at times, but pretty cool to see him in the
    movie. Two money penny is pretty cool. M and Bond should rock a Sherlock
    Holmes pipe. walked and horse race was pretty cool, and very straight
    foward. I didn’t like the butterfly effect that well. the parchute is
    goldeneye like when pierce jumps. yeah the old taken franchise is bases
    on an older character since Liam Neeson, now I like it more that bond is
    older like bruce wayne batman right now. what would it be with an older
    James Bond. aview toa kill review by James bonding should be listened
    to its really funny. dolph lungrens debut is in this film. Alison Doody
    looks amazing but also in the best second movie after this one, Indiana
    jones and the last crusade. so two roles on movies that are really good
    worked with an older Sean Connery and roger Moore. the X-ray glasses
    are pretty cool I thought. no q scene sucked, I would love to have that
    older q and bond and m, the old guy crew. Stacy got a beautiful girl and
    blue eyes she is very attractive, and she is well in charlie angel tv
    show.She is one of my favorite underrated Bond girls. the movie is the
    mi6 old crew. Roger in the bed is way and funny. For me Pierce and Craig
    because he was with Solange. LTK has toothpaste too. I didn’t see
    Mayday in the car but what a foreshadow similar to oddjob. the car was
    pretty cool, the tire was so genuine, mythbusters tested it out and it
    actually works. Its like the car scene in psycho. the bridge scene was
    really cool, I went there and it was unreal. I can’t wait for part two.
    Grace Jones should have sang the song for this film since she’s a
    singer. grace ones dildo with roger moore is the dirty bod series. the
    monkey bars I liked in ge not the score from the chase. was Lin for me
    she wins . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f82ac6fce1c74348522c5aa5ec48c022d130695dced2d61c24a2dd0a8b124d41.jpg