A View To A Kill Reviewed (Part 2) | Podcast #112

JBR is back to conclude our review of the final instalment of Roger Moore’s Bond: A View To A Kill. This time it’s all about Screamin’ Stacey Sutton, Murderous May Day, big ole blimps and The Golden Gate Bridge.

Also hear the full report from Q The Music’s recent gig at The Harlington Theatre. Stories from Sir Roger’s “An Evening with…” tour and a whole lot more!

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  • rahatul alam

    max Zorins concentration camp story is pretty bondman much like Alec Trevelyan stories. Please see my tory of fast and furious meets bond on the youtube comment section of this video. Apple Inc. used in AVTAK, GE is IBMS which I all used. I think bond is famous in his escapades. I love the firetruck scene chase, similar to the tank scene in GE. same scene in terminator 3, firetruck scene. he golden gate image is really cool, in went san Franz and saw it in person, still looks like the one in the film. I was tearing up in the end scene too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7790a182c1c7b526f1dee952044519dc8b065a6d1e9281fab5e063f235ee873.jpg

  • GerardoValero

    AVTAK is my least favorite film in the series, then again, as the Bond film that it is I’ve watched it at least 15 times so if I don’t like it more, it hasn’t been for a lack of trying.
    I don’t consider Never say Never Again a real 007 movie. I’ve only come across it a couple of times through the years and like it even less than View, much less
    BTW, I’ll take Christmas Jones over Stacy Sutton any day of the week.

  • Austin Pearce

    Tanya Roberts was in the TV show Charlie’s Angels before this movie.

  • Simon Firth

    Another cracking and hilarious session there chaps. (‘Q tugging one out’ means I never get to see the film in the same light again.
    As to Roger’s age, I think it is something one sees now perhaps, in light of the current younger Bonds and when seen as a canon of films.
    At the time of the film’s release, I did not even notice the age, much less finding myself upset by any of it. I was just bloody glad Roger was still in the driving seat for it all. And he could have done another (at the time) for my appetite.

  • Stu Bell

    Congratulations gents on the half million downloads.

    I love Bond primarily through the films. I find Fleming wrote pretty stodgily. It’s quite hard to read. I take your point about Le Carre – he is quite serious. But as spycaft goes he cannot be beaten. He was MI6 knows his stuff. Everything rings true. How many of his books have you actually read? Read / see The Constant Gardener.. A Most Wanted Man… Our Kind of Traitor. Awesome.