Who Wants To Be On The Show?

James Bond Radio is one year old! 

After releasing our very first episode last year (on the 007th of February, no less) we’ve grown into a 31 episode-strong podcast packed to the rafters with Bondian goodness. We’ve learned so much about Bond over the last year and had the chance to meet some amazing people from the world of Bond from Raymond Benson, to Sylvan Mason-Whittingham, to Goldfinger Oscar winner Norman Wanstall. People we’d most likely never have had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for James Bond Radio.

To celebrate the milestone we thought it would be a good idea to do something a little different and give back to our humble band of listeners. So…we’re gonna invite you on the show with a special first birthday ‘Fancast!’ We’re going to bring you guys on for your very own 20 minute segment to talk all about what Bond means to you, whether you want to do our patented 007 Quickfire Questions, or if there’s a specific topic you want to discuss, we’re all ears.

We only have space for 6 interview spots, so here’s what we’re gonna do:

We’d like to ask everyone who’d like to come on the show to leave a comment below (on this page, not on Facebook). We’ll put all the names into a hat and the first 6 names we draw will be invited on to the show.

Here’s what you need to qualify:

1. You must be a James Bond fan and a regular listener to James Bond Radio 😉
2. You must have Skype and a decent internet connection or a landline telephone
3. The ability to talk about Bond for 20 minutes.

That’s all there is to guys! If you want to get involved, just leave a comment below and we’ll hopefully talk to you soon!

UPDATE 28/01/15: ENTRY IS NOW CLOSED -> See the Winners In The Video Below!

  • Jack Lugo

    Sounds cool. I’ll be down for it depending on the time and if you have a spot.

  • Matt Batten

    Totally up for this!

  • Fly_Dog

    This should make a great show. I’m not applying to be a guest, but will offer this Aston Martin news for Bond fans — The #007 car scored pole for its class at the 24 hours of Daytona, running now:


  • Josh Trett

    Sign me up!

  • gglave

    Seems to me Jack Lugo and Simon Woolley should get spots by default 🙂

    • Simon Woolley

      Nonsense. This is a democracy.

      • Guest

        I agree that Simon Woolley, Jack “Lugo” Lugo and Linda Zhu should all have a reserved place.

        • Simon Woolley

          No we need to spread the love! Far too much Woolley, Grice, Silence, Lugo et al already. We need new blood!

  • Brian Dobson

    Yep, I’m all in!

  • Steve Batchelor

    I’m in chaps!

  • Harris Thomas

    Lets do it! We can do 20m on Bond clothing! haha

  • Patrick Mulready

    How could I refuse this one? Count me in!

  • Chris Robinson

    Count me in sounds fun!

  • Ton Harbeek

    I like to do the show, however in february i will be in India for a vacation, you my call my. My number is 0031653803007

  • David West

    If you let me do some talkin,
    Il do some Christopher Walken!

  • Jeff Silence

    If you guys are willing to have me, I’m willing to do it. Put my name in the hat!

  • Eoghan Lyng

    Whoever goes on, I’m sure they’ll scare The Living Daylights out of you.

    (Please put my name in 🙂 ).

  • Ed Arroyo

    I would like to be in the show…
    “it’s all in the wrist….!”

  • Ralf Lewandowski

    Count me in! Just in case fortune smiles on me and you pull my name from the hat: I’m not a native speaker, but a slight accent shouldn’t be a problem, right? Some people say I always was a ‘cunning linguist’…

    • Chris Wright

      Hi Ralf,

      Congratulations for having your name pulled out of the hat for our one year anniversary fancast!

      I have just messaged you about it on Facebook but it would be easier if you messaged the JBR Facebook page and we can arrange from there. We’re looking to record some time between 6pm and 8pm GMT on Monday. How does that suit you?

      In terms of the format, we’ll be looking to do around a 20 minute
      interview which will include a little intro from yourself, then we’ll go
      into the quickfire questions (which will have to actually be pretty
      quickfire!) and then spend the remaining 10 – 15 minutes discussing a
      particular story/aspect of Bond that interests you.


  • Hey guys! I would love the opportunity to talk about Bond on the podcast. Count me in!

  • Shane Karas

    Hey! I would love to be on the show. I’m a huge Bond fan (I can show off my 007 tattoo) and love the show.

  • Brian Murphy

    Hi guys. I’m a new James Bond fan (for about a year). I’ve listened to every episode. I’ve previously written in to the show with the Diamonds Are Forever story about Mr. Kidd being a potential landlord.

  • Anthony Claret

    murphy. james murphy. aka anthony claret. 007 fan. and fan of your podcast too. would do impressions of at least 4 bonds for starters just for this anniversary special. keep up the great work lads. 🙂

  • Linda Zhu

    Yes, yes, and yes. 🙂

  • Jedd Jong

    I would certainly cherish the opportunity to be on the show! I was introduced to Bond via my best friend Al and have many fond formative Bond memories to share. I’m going to play the “I’m from South-east Asia (Singapore)!” card, if some international flavour would be required. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer the very best duck.

  • Rian Capaci

    I only went AWOL from the military once… “officially” anyway. A few years ago, stationed in Germany one winter while enlisted in the US Air Force, I was utterly shocked to discover that, far from being simply a set torn down after its useful life on film… Piz Gloria was REAL (!) and still stood atop the Swiss Alps. My buddy and I decided the opportunity was too amazing to miss, ‘borrowed’ a car from the motor pool, hauled ass to Switzerland, and had ourselves malt whiskey and steaks atop the dome of the world.

    Gleeful, sleep deprived, (but at least not hungry) turned right around to haul ass northbound back to the Base. And that’s how two soldiers and a camouflage U.S.A.F. staff car went missing for 2 days in Europe… and nobody was ever the wiser to notice

  • James Dutton

    I would love to be included in the podcast, put my name in the hat please.

    • Chris Wright

      Hi James,

      Congratulations for having your name pulled out of the hat for our one year anniversary fancast!

      I have just messaged you about it on Facebook but it went into your ‘other’ folder.

      In terms of the format, we’ll be looking to do around a 20 minute
      interview which will include a little intro from yourself, then we’ll go
      into the quickfire questions (which will have to actually be pretty
      quickfire!) and then spend the remaining 10 – 15 minutes discussing a
      particular story/aspect of Bond that interests you.

      Regarding potential interview dates and times, how does either Sunday evening
      (from 6pm GMT), Monday evening (from 6pm GMT) or Tuesday evening (from
      6pm GMT) sound?

      If you could let us know which of the above works best for you that’d be great. If none of the above are suitable, please could you let us know some potential dates/times that you are available for and we’ll try to work something from there.

      Also if you have an idea of the story/aspect of Bond you want to discuss that would be great too.

      All the best and look forward to chatting Bond with you soon!


      • James Dutton

        Hi Chris
        Made up to be included in your podcast. Those dates and times should all be fine for me just let me know which one you want me for. Also my main interest in bond are the films, but anything about bond is great.

        • Chris Wright

          Cheers James,

          If you could message the JBR Facebook page it would be easier to arrange everything through that instead.

          I’ll wait to hear back from everyone eebfore deciding on what are the best dates/times, etc, and let you know.

          Look forward to it.


  • Dougie Munro

    I’ll chuck my hat at the stand…

  • baldwin collins

    I certainly would like to be on the show. not sure if my internet provider would
    be 100% working that day. but do this regular for you’re listener’s, good idea
    happy anniversary james bond radio.

  • Guest

    Im in. Yes

  • Antoinette Miceli

    Yes, count me in too.

  • Jacob Fijal

    Big fan. Even bigger Bond Fan!

  • jgraff

    throw my name in the hat
    (the hat Drax wears while out shooting, of course).

  • Colin Peters

    Sounds like a great idea for the anniversary definatly count me in! Would love to be on the podcast!

  • Mark

    Bond fan since December, 1965, at the age of 6. Cheers.

  • Yes Please! Would love to talk about 007, Thanks!

  • Michael Kirwan

    Would love to be on the show! Count me in

  • Benjamin Tomchik

    Operation Code Name: Radio, James Bond Radio! As I throw my hat into the ring I’m watching “The Living Daylights.”

  • I would very much enjoy being on the show! Long-time Bond fan and podcaster.

  • John Williams

    By all means, please put my name in the hat. Great idea to include the fans on this special occasion. Keep Bonding!!!

  • robchilver

    Would love to be on the show. I’m a fellow podcaster but also wrote my uni dissertation on the Fleming books!

  • James Crawford-Clark

    Hi guys, I would love to be part of this landmark 1st birthday Bond podcast! I’ve been a Bond fan since I was a young and impressionable child. I’ve written a dictation on the changes in the Bond series, I’ve completed two non-stop Bond film marathons (most recently covering all official and unofficial films from Casino Royale (1954) to Skyfall (2012) and last year my stag night was Bond themed. Me and my friends and family dressed up as Bond and went on a wild night out! I could talk for hours about my enthusiasm for Bond so 20 minutes is going to be easy. I don’t have a lot of Skype experience but I do have a landline and I’m available any evening this week to talk. Look forward to hearing from you guys!

  • Simon

    Guys, Please pop my name in the hat! All the best Simon Uskuri

  • Adam Beech

    Hey Guys love the work you do, I have been listening from the start and would love to be put in the hat, thanks.