Martin Campbell on Bond, Goldeneye, Casino Royale & The Protégé | Podcast #209

This week, Tom & Chris are joined by Goldeneye & Casino Royale director, Martin Campbell.

Martin talks about the process of casting a new 007, his thoughts on defining a new Bond for the decade to come, his conversations with Daniel Craig about the initial negative press surrounding his casting, and even comments on whether he’d come back for a third crack at Bond.

Martin has been at the very top of our interview hit-list for a very long time, and our time with him did not disappoint. So, be sure to grab yourself a Vesper, put your feet up and enjoy our conversation with Martin Campbell.

Martin’s latest film The Protégé is out today in the USA and Canada. 

*Massive thanks go out to Linda Zhu over at Station C: Canada for hooking us up with Martin. 

Listen/Watch Below…

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