Meet John Williams (The Music of Bond)

Meet the co-host of our Music of Bond series, audiophile and all-round music lover – John Williams…

Favourite Bond Film?

It’s like asking me who my favorite supermodel is. From Russia with Love. Hands down. I think. It always changes. But. This is the Bond film I always come back to. It’s in the sweet spot between Dr No and Goldfinger. I call it the pre-formula Bond film. Connery at his best. The shot of him in the cat-eyed sunglass. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Also, it’s the last of Sean’s real hair! If I was on my deathbed and they told me I get one more Bond film I would choose FRWL. Which is something I think way too much about. Wait. Maybe I should choose Thunderball. It’s a much longer film!!!

Favourite Bond Book?

Moonraker. The ending of this book knocks me out every time. Bond doesn’t get the girl? A game changer indeed. We have all said it before, there is so much great material to be used in the cinematic world of Bond. Hey producers and writers please read! Bond’s vulnerability comes though in this one. I’m going to say it, I bet this is one of Tim’s favorite Bond books.

Favourite Bond Girl?

Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi)
Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi)
Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi)
Apologies. Ask me that one again.
Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi)

Now there is a woman who stands by her man. Till death do us part. I’m on one knee as I type. Stunning. I am Aki super fan #1 Her death scene gets me every time. I would enjoy very much if she was serving under me.

Runner up. Camille.

Favourite James Bond Actor?

There is no competing with Sean, Surprise, surprise. He’s the coolest man on planet earth. Ever. Next question.


Earliest Memory of Bond?

My grandfather took me to see For Your Eyes Only. He dropped me off at the theater by myself. After the film he asked me if I wanted to see it again. So I saw it twice by myself. Both of which were a first. It clearly made an impression. To this day I love that film. Serious Roger. What a place to start. A love affair was born. Cheers Granddad.

Location you’d love to visit?

My dream is to get inside the Elrod House. Whenever I watch Diamonds are Forever I visualize me taking a dip in the pool. Preferably with Bambi and Thumper. The JBR family has to collectively combine our incomes, rent it for the weekend and have a screening of DAF. Rude not to. Who’s in?

Favourite scene in the series?

Thunderball. When Fiona is taking a bath and asks for something to wear. He hands her shoes!!! Come on people that’s the greatest moment in movie history. What more does she need? Good call Sean. Wait. More apologies. Any scene with Aki. Job done.

Most Bondian thing you’ve ever done?

For me it’s really more about being in a Bond state of mind. From the places I travel to, to the clothes I wear, to the drinks I drink, Bond is always with me. Nothing better than getting suited up, having some drinks and heading out into the night of an exotic city. Solo.

More about John…

When I’m not watching Bond I’m selling real estate, but I’m mostly watching Bond.

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