The James Bond Radio Listener Hall of Fame

Hey JBR listeners,

To keep a record of our most dedicated listeners, we thought we’d make a page purely to display your dedicated-ness. So if you’reΒ partΒ of the elite crew of James Bond Radio T-shirt owners, please post a photo of you with your T-shirt in the comments section below.

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    1. Lookin’ good Mr. Silence…Hmmmmm, I reckon Mr. Silence could be an old school Henchman. He’d stand there looking menacing without saying a word…Now THAT’s an iconic henchman in the vein of Oddjob/Jaws!

      1. I certainly wouldn’t mind that. If Babs or MGW is reading this: I have acting experience, willing to work for scale, and willing to go to whatever publicity junket you’d like to send me on.

  1. Long overdue posting. Love the T-Shirt, the podcast and the way Spectre is shaping up … exciting times. 😎

  2. Welcome to Shrublands…here for a little rest and recuperation. Really need to work on taking a selfie and smiling at the same time!

  3. “…in the shadows” (love that bit in the last film, quoting from both “M’s”, and DC’s Bond excellent first appearance in that opening sequence, my first Bond cinema experience since TND)

    On the day of the 24th 007 adventure, here’s my JBR tee-tribute πŸ™‚

    Another avid JBR listener from across the pond; since the early days of wintery ’14!

  4. New to podcast and am working my way to current from beginning, Awesome site, What is the story on the shirts? Best from Chicago

  5. This was me mugging it up Roger style last night before finally seeing Spectre here in the states! Can’t wait to get caught up with the 30 days of Spectre!!!

  6. Spectre premier, with JBR t-shirt and Spectre Heineken drink
    The other photo is of the 7 actors to play Bond πŸ˜‰

  7. Finally got my JBR t-shirt…thanks to a relative who brought it for me from the UK to South Africa! It might just be the most stylish t-shirt yet seen in this part of the world. I expect to be stopped in the street by many a passer-by.

  8. Wore my freshly minted new JBR T-Shirt on a trip round London the other day, thought this was the most appropriate place for a photo…

      1. Every time I’m there! Come to think of it, we don’t see Bond crawling through many air vents do we?

  9. My wife planned a family Bahamas trip in Spring. Here I am sporting my JBR shirt in Nassau, Bahamas right after scuba diving the Thunderball’s Vulcan Bomber wreck (what is left of it — I mean, it is over 50 years old and has been through countless hurricanes and tropical storms).

  10. At the Monaco Consulate in Madagascar, which is also used as a small boutique hotel in the capital city of Antananarivo. Two Bond references, which are both a bit of a stretch:
    1) Monaco is the home of the casino of Monte Carlo
    2) Madagascar is where the parkour sequence of Casino Royale took place (but never actually filmed there). It should be noted that when the sequence starts, you see a cobra and mongoose fight. You won’t find any poisonous snakes on the island of Madagascar, so certainly no cobras! πŸ˜‰

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