The Many Deaths of Bond: Villains Edition | Podcast #208

This week, Tom & Chris take a look at the Bond villains and their deaths.

From the more hilarious and unusual offerings, “He always did have an inflated opinion of himself,” to the cold blooded kills, “I never miss.”

Strap in for a massive 3 hour conversation featuring JBR’s unique “death rating” system, a new JBR jingle from Dan Gale, and much more.

The podcast will be taking a brief summer break after this week’s episode, but we’ll be back in September with a massive two-parter you will not want to miss.

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One Response

  1. Hi guys, just listened to your enthusiastic podcast. On the whole I agree with your thoughts. The thing I want to let you know about is your comments on the Amazing War Stories podcast, yes very good and interesting and enthusiastically delivered. The guy also has a program on the haunted fish tank (as Terry Wogan used to call the tv). However back to podcasts if you are interested in World War II podcasts, please check out “We have ways of making you talk”, with historian James Holland and comedian Al Murray. It is really excellent.
    Have a good break
    Jon Allen

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