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  1. Enjoyed that, thanks. 45/100, Oddjob. Best sections were Lazenby and Music, both 7/10. Let down by Fleming and Craig, just 2/10.

  2. Nick Nack for me: 40/100. Best section was music (9/10, only missed The Man With The Golden Gun), worst was Craig (a pathetic 1/10).

    I’m most proud of myself for getting the final question, and I even managed to correctly identify what scene it was from. Yay, me!

    Great quiz, guys.

  3. Hey guys, just taken your Ultimate Bond Quiz at

    2am so I’m factoring tiredness into my performance but I’m fairly happy with my result because there were some questions that were very tricky. It’s Kerim Bey for me; I got one less mark than Tom, 67/100. I know the most about Dalton’s Bond films which is no surprise as he’s my favourite Bond, I need to swot up on my Fleming facts a little more, did average on the Music round but best round without a doubt was Guess the Quote – 10/10! Chris’ impression of the Taxi Driver in LALD had me in creases! Brilliant job as always guys, it has got me thinking about creating my own fiendish Bond quiz. One day perhaps!

  4. I’m a paltry Nick Nack at 36. Best sections were Connery & Lazenby, got 6 each. Worst section was Brosnan at 1, pitiful.
    I was so crushed by the music section. I was sure I got 9 answers right but only got 4 1/2.
    This was a great quiz! It’s hilarious when you guys crack each other up! Becoming an avid listener. Thanks!

  5. Odd Job – 41
    Iconic score and villain, weakest areas of knowledge the books and Roger Moore films so need a big improvement ahead of the Easter quiz
    Will have to get stuck into the books when on holiday

  6. Scored in the mid-Odd Job range at 54. I did the worst with the Pierce Brosnan questions, the films I watch the least, and the best with the Book and Fleming and the Connery and Lazenby film questions. This quiz require you to think very fast and my memory works slow.

  7. 85 – Q. Nailed Connery and Laz and you got me on Moore, who I was convinced I’d get 10 on. Blew the Fleming and quotes. 5/10 and 7/10 respectively. Loved Tom’s Dryden question. Also loved the Trove/Undertow question. Great quiz guys.

  8. Greetings from America! Managed to get my licence to kill with a score of 96! You got me with one from Roger Moore, one from Pierce Brosnan (those French pilots were damned difficult!), and two from the author himself, Ian Fleming. Y’all did a great job with these questions, loved y’all’s quotes! 007 reporting for duty

  9. I finally got round to doing this quiz…got 85/100. The Fleming round was by far my weakest at 5/10. Dalton was my only 10/10 round.

  10. Finally did this game. That was quite tough. Well done, guys. Never thought I would have so many blackouts (yes, best excuse ever 😉 ) so I only scored 60. Hope you do another one, I really have to redeem myself. 😉 But thx for the fun with this game session. «Lovely sport.» (Name the quote!)

  11. I got 70 points. Actually, I got 70.66 points since I only remembered two of the three non-Bond Fleming books.
    Kerim Bey rank for me it is then. Not too bad. It was in all fairness a pretty hard quiz, and some answers I didn’t have a clue
    about at all, hehe…
    I’d love to contribute questions to a future Bond quiz of yours.

    1. I gave myself a point for that, too. I think either answer would work here. Sardinia is an autonomous region, so maybe there’s a shade of gray involved.

  12. Got about a 45 for Oddjob (late-night, long day, might have given myself an extra point or two). Found you guys a few months back and have binged through all of the episodes… now I just need you to accelerate the release schedule! Keep up the great work (
    and the British end!)!

  13. I’ve spent the past 6 months re-watching all the Bonds & re-reading the books in the run up to the release of SPECTRE. I don’t think my Bond knowledge has ever been higher and I got a 61.5. You guys came up with some hard trivia.

  14. I got 72.5 so I guess that makes me John Terry’s Felix as well. Did great on the quotes, good on the novels and music- but didn’t get the full name of the Monty Norman play. I believe, in regards to Fleming’s response to the film, DR NO at one point he was also to have said something along the lines of “those who have read the book will be disappointed, but those who haven’t will find it a wonderful movie.” I want to say that’s from the John Brosnan James Bond in the Cinema. I was stumped on Tee-hee’s last name, but I got Chris’ Tee-Hee quote right away (I’ve been annoying my friends making that sound for years).

  15. 69.5 – Kerim Bay, Connery 9, Lazenby 8, Moore 10, Dalton 8.5, Brosnan 1.5, Craig 5, Fleming 4, Music 5.5, Books 9, Quotes 9. Chris questions 32/50, Tom questions 37.5/50. Need to rewatch some of the more recent films.

  16. Ended up as Odd Job in the online quiz… been listening for over a year, and finally caught up. Keep up the great work.

  17. 24 – Not proud but this was tough. By the way, in the question about Fleming books without Bond, one of the ones you mention does have a Bond story in it, “007 In New York.” There is another book I thought you were thinking of, a never-published Fleming manuscript that exists in a Middle Eastern vault: “State of Excitement: Impressions of Kuwait.” It was written for the Kuwaiti government but found too objectionable by the powers that be, who declined to publish it.

  18. 1) Anita Eckberg. 2) Listening To The Beatles Without Earmuffs. 3) The Red Tattoo With The Black Spike Going Through It On Lippie’s Left Foerarm. 4) Lox. 5) “It Looks Like You Caught Me With More Than My Hands Up.” (Chris’s 5 Questions On The Connery Films). 1) The Cayman Islands. 2) Spectre Island. 3) Goldfinger’s Twin Brother. 4) Name: Jaucque Bovier. Rank: Colonal. 5) 93 Degrees Above Farunheight. (Tom’s Questions For The Connery Films).

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