BOND 25 RUMOR – Could Ike Catcher Be Bond 25’s Henchman?

Bond 25 Rumor- Could Ike Catcher Be Bond 25’s Henchman?

by Jack Lugo

Athlete / Actor Ike Catcher


JBR listener George Tsilikas tipped us off to something quite interesting.  While being interviewed on a local Sydney program, athlete / actor Ike Catcher said that his next project will be “a very, very big film by a big Hollywood company whose last movie was Creed II.”  Of course Creed II was released by MGM and MGM’s next “very, very big film” will of course be Bond 25 to be released in February of 2020.

You never know, however, since perhaps Ike Catcher could have been referring to the 2020 release of Legally Blonde 3. This is why I reached out to the actor on his Facebook page and asked him. I wasn’t really expecting a response, but I went ahead and asked anyway on the off chance that I might get one. Here’s how it’s went:

So, there you have it. Take that for whatever it’s worth. It was neither a confirmation nor a denial. Still, I wouldn’t go further than to classify this as a rumor for obvious reasons.  

Ike Catcher grew up in Austria and won the Mr. Vienna competition in 2014. He has co-started with Kevin Hart in a YouTube unscripted series called What the Fit.

What the Fit with Kevin Hart

If this does pan out, the role of a henchman would be the most obvious one for Catcher to play, but of course that wouldn’t be the only option. He could also serve as an intelligence agent working with Bond on behalf of another allied country. He could play the veterinarian for Q’s two cats. Barring a bit of unexpected casting, one could easily imagine Catcher and Daniel Craig going toe to toe in a well-choreographed fight sequence.

We shall have to wait and see as we get closer to the start of Bond 25’s production whether or not Ike Catcher will be a part of the cast.


article by Jack Lugo


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