Bonus Round of James Bond Celebrity Death Match!!

Following our bonus round of James Bond Celebratory Death Match, who do you think would win in a battle of strength/hand-to-hand combat between Red Grant and Necros?

Watches with garrote wire and Walkmans with strong headphone cords are allowed but no guns, bombs or exploding milk bottles this time around!!

Tough, tough match!!

To cast your vote just copy and paste the below link into your URL:

Whoever wins will be forever lodged in the KGB Hall of Fame! 🙂

One Response

  1. I’m a fan of both. Have to go with Grant. Necros got the sneak attack on Bond from behind with the net but still couldn’t get the job done, whilst Bond got the sneak attack on Grant with the exploding attache case and still barely beat him. I see Grant hanging back at a high vantage point picking off the other buffed blonde competitors with his pistol as he did to Krilencu’s goon at the Gypsy camp Perhaps he could have shot down Nercos amid a fight with Kriegler or Stamper, knowing Necros would be his toughest competition in a one on one fight.

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