Countdown To Bond 25 Release Date


[countdown_timer style=”1″ end_date=”2019/11/08 00:00:00 GMT +0″ redirect_url=”” years_text=”Years” years_text_singular=”Year” months_text=”Months” months_text_singular=”Month” days_text=”Days” days_text_singular=”Day” hours_text=”Hours” hours_text_singular=”Hour” minutes_text=”Minutes” minutes_text_singular=”Minute” seconds_text=”Seconds” seconds_text_singular=”Second”][/countdown_timer]

…to go.

Let the speculation commence!

6 Responses

  1. We were well overdue for some official news. A bit disappointed (though not surprised) we have another long gap. I just hope four years doesn’t become the norm.

  2. …and counting!

    (Read that in the voice of one of the DAF Spectre Minions on the oil platform.)

  3. Guys! We would also need a count down for when we can hear the Die Another Day review, with Tom trying to say something positive about it! That’s going to be more fun than Bond 25!

  4. Daniel Craig now confirmed, from his own mouth of the US tonight show ! The JBR guys were spot on of course. Was sort of hoping for a change over to Aidan Turner as Danny C is kind of pushing it with his age. Hopefully no long hiatus after Bond 25 and AT takes over then..

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