Countdown to SPECTRE | Podcast #057

SPECTRE comes out in just 3 days time!!!

Today Chris & Tom spend 2 hours discussing what we know about SPECTRE, what we hope to see in the film and we mix in a TON of SPECTRE-lation to boot. Plus we talk about JBR’s recent surprise mention by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, the Ultimate Bond feature in The Times last week and last but not least we have a VERY special announcement anyone who’s going to watch SPECTRE will not want to miss.

IMPORTANT: Anything even remotely spoilery is preceded by a clear warning with a time reference to skip to.

Listen/Watch Below…


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  1. Great stuff, lads. I hope you and all fellow JBR listeners have a great Spectre experience. So, nearly two years of JBR foreplay and now we finally get down to it!

    My Spectre prep much more pedestrian than yours: watched Die Another Day last week to remind me how bad a Bond film can be, watched Majesty’s last night as a reminder of how good they can be, and will be watching the three Daniel movies before Monday.

    I don’t think Spectre will quite reach Majesty’s/Casino… level (happy to be wrong on that) but maybe the next level down (like GoldenEye, say) and I’ll be very happy with that. I’m seeing it in imax so no hiding place for any creaky CGI!

  2. I’ve saved loads of Spectre goodies for after the movie like you guys. Gonna have such a Spectreacular week with all the trailers and documentaries etc.

    I think I might draw the line at going back through every episode to listen to every Spectrelation though!

  3. October 26th, 11.00pm: lots I want to say but won’t for the sake of any fellow JBRera yet to see the film. I’ll just say that I was disappointed with Skyfall and (unlike Quantum) that film hasn’t grown on me on repeated viewing. I’m not at all disappointed with Spectre. Couple of miniscule gripes but ones easy to look past. All of the cast excellent, especially Ben Whishaw and Ralph Feinnes and the film is visually absolutely stunning (when it doesn’t stray into CGIness).. Looking forward to the November podcasts.

  4. Where are Tom and Chris? The non-UK world of JBR awaits a spoiler free first impressions review – smiley face, thumbs up, something!…. So very cruel…. 🙂

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