Daniel Craig Lends His Support to UNMAS by Jack Lugo

On Thursday March 2nd, a new viral video starring Daniel Craig was unleashed. The suave 007 actor took to our screens accompanied by adorable puppies for a charitable cause. Craig has teamed up with Omaze to help the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) to generate awareness about landmines as well as to offer a donation contest whereby the winner gets the chance of a lifetime to not only meet Daniel Craig but also win an Aston Martin GT Roadster that Daniel customized himself (even your taxes will be covered for anyone wondering).

Daniel UNMAS

This isn’t the first time Daniel Craig has teamed up with UNMAS.  Earlier in the summer of 2016, Daniel appeared in an UNMAS video where the actor WALKED THROUGH A LIVE MINEFIELD in Cambodia.

UNMAS’s mission is to work towards a vision of a world free of landmines, which cause terrible pain, destruction, and loss of life even long after the conflict or war has ended.  The work that the organization does reaches far beyond just removing actual live mines from the ground.  According to their website, their are 5 “pillars” of mine action.  These are:

  1. Clearance – Safe removal of land mines and marking off of hazardous areas.
  2. Education – Helping civilians understand the risks of mines as well as how to identify them.
  3. Victim Assistance – Treatment and rehabilitation of victims.
  4. Advocacy – Encouraging countries to abide by treaties while advocating for a mine free world.
  5. Stockpile Destruction – which involves safely destroying landmines so that they can never be used again.

Since this is such a worthy and ambitious cause, I encourage anyone in the JBR family with the means to contribute to go ahead to the campaign website and make a donation.  Let’s see if we could even get a JBR fan to win the contest so they could tell us all about it and maybe even let Tom and Chris drive their brand new Aston Martin GT Roadster.  This is all for charity so anyone who can afford to give, please do so.  Perhaps you may even get Daniel to have Q Branch install your own flamethrower for those times when the driver behind you follows a bit too closely.


article by Jack Lugo

Watch Daniel’s viral video here:

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