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Dear JBR listeners,

Following our 90 second listener reviews of SPECTRE, we’re going to be doing the same for our latest reviewed film, For Your Eyes Only. Whether you’re a lover, a hater, or somewhere in between, we know you want your say and we’d love to hear what are your favourite scenes, what scenes you’re not sure of, or perhaps even despise, and overall how you’d rate Roger’s gritty 5th tenure as Bond.

All you have to do is click on the ‘Send Voicemail’ button on the right of the screen on the homepage of our website and pour praise or let off steam about FYEO!

Cheers everyone,


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  1. You had said you want them before Monday, and I’m gonna get mine in tonight! I aim to not sound like a dork, but we’ll see what happens.

  2. Hello chaps. I’ve just recently discovered your podcast and I love it. I think you’re doing a wonderful job. I’m just working my way through all of the previous eps.

    I missed the 90 second audio review deadline so thought I would write down my thoughts.

    For Your Eyes Only has always been my favourite Rog outing. I love the fact that it has a more gritty edge to it and I think Rog could’ve made a terrific serious Bond. Although having said that I do love his more humorous take on the character. Rog’s Bond is the one I go to when I want a bit of pure escapism and a laugh and lets face it a bit of nostalgia as his Bond was always on at Christmas and Bank holidays when I was a kid.

    The good.

    Rog with a more serious edge.
    Feasible plot.
    Outstanding action sequences. The pre titles, 2CV chase, ski chase, ski jump, bobsleigh sequence. Kicking the car. Underwater fight. Live & Let die dragged across the coral sequence. Climbing sequence.
    Columbo. Just brilliant.
    Melina. One of Rog’s more realistic female leads.

    The bad.

    Kristatos is not that memorable.
    The score while I don’t mind it I would LOVE to see this movie with a classic Barry score. I really think that would elevate it to the next level.
    Wish they’d given Loque a bit more to do.

    Anyway that’s my tuppence worth. I’d definitely rate it as Rog’s best with The Spy Who Loved Me as a close second. I haven’t seen Octopussy or A View To a Kill in ages so looking forward to revisiting those soon and hearing your reviews too.

    Look forward to hearing more podcasts!

    Favourite Bond to watch. Sean, Rog or Tim (depending on the day).
    Favourite Bond Film. OHMSS.
    Bond closest to Fleming’s Bond. Dalton (hands down).
    Least Favourite Bond. Daniel Craig (sorry to say). But anyway that’s a discussion for another time…

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