Get your vote in for Round 8 of Bond Girl Battle!

Who will win the following battle between two of the most unforgettably-named Bond Girls? Both are skilled in martial arts and both change allegiance to assist Bond in foiling the villain’s plot. One is immune to Bond’s charms (at least she says so), the other ensures she’s the one on top when bedding our main man. An expert pilot with a penchant for private islands or a fearless follower of fashion with superhuman strength? You decide!

Pussy Galore: “You like close shaves, don’t you?”

May Day: “Get Zorin for me!”

Based on strength of character, who do you think should triumph in the Bond Girl Battle round between Pussy Galore and May Day? Click on the link below and cast your votes!


One Response

  1. There isn’t reeeeally a choice here. May Day is creepy and it’s the only time in the franchise history where Mister-Bond-James-Bond looked uncomfortable in bed. There was more electricity between Bond and Silva.

    Pussy is the winner in a walk. She has arguably the third most iconic line in the franchise.
    Sean playing Baccarat
    Gert with the Laser
    And Pussy on the Plane

    I know the winner, her name is Pussy Galore…and NO you’re not dreaming.

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