The Legendary Sir Roger Moore Has Passed Away at Age 89


By Jack Lugo

Sir Roger on the set of Live and Let Die, 1972.

It is with a great deal of sadness that we must report that legendary Bond actor Sir Roger Moore has passed away at age 89.  In a statement released by his children on his official Twitter page, it was revealed that the beloved icon succumbed to “a short but brave battle with cancer.” Needless to say, this is a devastating loss to the Bond fan community and especially to us here at James Bond Radio. Sir Roger leaves behind a lifetime of memories that we all collectively cherish.

In addition to playing Bond, his children’s statement rightly pointed to the fact that Sir Roger considered his work for UNICEF to be his greatest achievement.  Sir Roger joined UNICEF in 1991 and became a celebrity ambassador for the charity helping children around the globe. In his 2008 memoir, My Word is My Bond, Sir Roger wrote about his commitment to UNICEF with a great deal of passion and humility. One of his major causes was to raise funds and awareness for Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD), which afflicts many third world countries. Sir Roger took the time to meet with several heads of state on behalf of UNICEF to urge them to combat IDD in their poorest communities.

In 2003 Sir Roger was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and he remains a much beloved figure around the globe not just as a film icon but also as a humanitarian.

There are so many stand out moments from his 7 Bond films that it would be impossible to name them all.  This particular one from Octopussy is one that is a favorite of both Tom and Chris. Roger exudes a cool confidence in this scene as he steadies his eyes on the adversarial Kamal Khan while not even looking at the dice to confirm the double sixes.

Sir Roger lived a fascinating life, and we as Bond fans will always hold our memories of him close and dear to our hearts.  Godspeed, Sir Roger.


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  1. Sir Roger Moore was the James Bond I grew up with. He’ll always be my Bond. Rest in peace Sir Roger.

  2. Words really do fail me. The first Bond I saw as a young kid was Moonraker, so it’s been a huge part of my life. Quite sad that we have lost Sir Roger. A true inspiration and gentleman.

  3. I hope I will find the time to also leave this as a voicemail. For now I’ll also state my feelings here as well.

    I’m totally saddened by our two recent losses Chris Cornell and Sir Roger Moore. To me, the epitome of Bond’s Coolness will always be Sir Roger in OP getting the double sixes in backgammon.

    Apart from his charming on-screen presence as Bond as well as in other roles, I’ve always found his humility and his commitment for Unicef his most lovable attributes, that have made him one of the truly all-time greats.

    With fond memories I will someday show my little son, who is now 2 years old all the Bond films and of course I will start with Roger’s films and tell him, how great
    that man was.

    Thank you for so many wonderful hours, Sir Roger. Say hello to David Niven for me.

    Rest in peace!

  4. Although I only “knew” Roger Moore from his movies and interviews, I’ve been in a funk since I learned about his passing. He was my first celebrity crush, the gentleman spy, my favorite James Bond. I normally don’t care or follow entertainment celebrities, but Roger Moore was different, and his death has had me in sobbing tears, as if I’m mourning a family member. His classy, gentle, self-deprecating nature, combined with his suave sophistication on screen, are qualities that no other actor will ever possess. Rest in Peace.

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