Who would you like to see helm Bond 25?

So folks, here we have the ultimate poll on who you think should helm Bond 25! Everyone has up to three votes and a week to get their votes in. We obviously couldn’t list every director out there but this should cover the majority of peoples’ thoughts.

Click on the below link and let us know who flicks your switch!


Can’t wait to see the results… should be interesting! Perhaps the JBR family will be prophetic for the next director of Bond! 🙂

3 Responses

  1. James Mangold who directed the upcoming Logan film would be a good choice to direct a Bond film. He’s a very good director in my opinion. The producers of the Bond films should think outside the box for once and hire him to direct the movie. I think he could give us a good solid Bond movie.

  2. Nolan. If not, Branagh. That said, I’d love to see George Miller or Mel Gibson do it. Let the idea sink in for a couple of seconds and let it breathe.

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