Results of the JBR ‘Favourite Bond Film’ poll now in!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen… THE VOTES ARE NOW IN!!!

There are definitely a few surprises here and there but also a few classic stalwarts cemented firmly in their suitably high ranking.

Overall, aside from a few suspicious late votes for a certain unmentionable film the list is pretty much spot on. Although, there are a few lower down the list we would have liked to see a little higher up, but hey ho!


25TH PLACE * NSNA > 0 votes – 0.00%
(The only film with no votes! EON must be smiling!)

24TH PLACE * TMWTGG > 1 vote – 0.23% of votes
(Seems far too low for our liking!)

JOINT 22ND PLACE * MR & TND > 2 votes each – 0.45% of votes
(We’re surprised that TND came out lowest for the Brozza and poor MR too!)

21ST PLACE * 21st – DAF > 3 votes – 0.68% of votes
(Some people would certainly want to see DAF a few places higher, us included!)

JOINT 19TH PLACE * DN & TWINE > 4 votes each – 0.90% of votes
(Absolute criminally low placing for DN… we shed a tear, several in fact!)

JOINT 16TH PLACE * YOLT, DAD & QOS > 5 votes each – 1.13% of votes
(Okay so 5 people out there are seriously yanking our chain! If all 5 for DAD are true votes then we’ll each eat a pair of Tom’s sodden undergarments! YOLT also seems far too low in the scheme of things!)

15TH PLACE * OP > 8 votes – 1.80% of votes
(Respectable position for Chris’ favourite Rog breaking into the Top 15!)

14TH PLACE * FYEO > 9 votes – 2.03% of votes
(Another solid placing for a solid Rog adventure!)

13TH PLACE * LALD > 10 votes – 2.25% of votes
(Tom’s mac-daddy of a Rog film doing itself justice!)

12TH PLACE * LTK > 11 votes – 2.48% of votes
(Timmy’s second outing giving others a good run for their money!)

11TH PLACE * AVTAK > 12 votes – 2.70% of votes
(Some people may be amazed to see Rog’s swansong in such a high position but it’s such an enjoyable film and has slapped a smile all over JBR!)

10TH PLACE * SP > 14 votes – 3.15% of votes
(For a brand new Bond only a few weeks out of the birthing pool, SPECTRE definitely holds its own amongst its longer lived rivals as it breaks into the Top Ten!)

9TH PLACE * TB > 16 votes – 3.6% of votes
(Great to see TB getting the credit it deserves. Solid placing for an undoubted classic!)

JOINT 7TH PLACE * TLD & SF > 22 votes each – 4.95% of votes
(The love for SF still going strong following its 2012 release and Timmy’s debut showing what a rollicking good ride it is!)

6TH PLACE * GE > 24 votes – 5.41% of votes
(Tom’s getting all hot and horny as one of his all time favourites knocks on the door of the Top Five)

5TH PLACE * TSWLM > 28 votes – 6.31%
(We’re chuffed to see Spy rogering its way into the Top Five. So many great moments and a hearty slap on the back for Rog’s highest placer!)

4TH PLACE * GF > 33 votes – 7.43%
(An all time classic! There was no way GF would ever slip out of the Top Five and here it is standing all glittery in 4th place like a boss… a boss who loves GOLD!!!)

3RD PLACE * FRWL > 55 votes – 12.39%
(An absolute belter of a film. FRWL deserves all the accolades it gets and we’re proud to see it smashing it’s way into the hallowed Top Three like Bond throwing Grant around on the Orient Express!)

2ND PLACE * OHMSS > 58 votes – 13.06%
(A JBR firm favourite only just pipping Russia to the post of an amazing and thoroughly deserved second place. There is just so much to enjoy in this film… we’re thrilled by all the love being thrown at Majesty’s like a vicious right hook from our George!)

1ST PLACE * CR > 91 votes – 20.50%
(A completely unrivaled fight for the prime position, top of the pile, best of the bunch, king of the hill… it is the ultimate James Bond fan favourite CASINO ROYALE running away with the title by a country mile! JBR couldn’t be happier and having such a distance between itself and all the other pretenders shows the strength of what a truly great film this is! So many amazing elements to this film… the world would be a much poorer place without it!)

So there we have it… the JBR fan poll for all to see!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Which Bond do you think should be higher? Which Bond turned out a lot higher up the list than expected? Overall are you happy with the result or completely outraged? Let us know!!

As it’s been such good fun we’re thinking this should be a yearly, perhaps even bi-annual, event to see if peoples’ opinions have changed and to give a chance to any new listeners to have their say.

It’ll be interesting to see what 2016 brings!

Cheers all,

5 Responses

  1. Not at all surprised by one to six, only that Casino won by such aa clear margin ( thought that and Majesty’s would be absolutely neck-and-neck). Licence To Kill would be much higher on my list, thought it would be higher for fellow geeksafficiandos too.

  2. A view to a kill is actually my favourite film, I think it is a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, I didn’t vote 😉

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