Sheila’s Favorite Bond Girl Bikini Moments Part 2

Sheila’s Favorite Bond Girl Bikini Moments Part 2

by Sheila James

Oct 31st 2018



Not all Bond girls wear bikinis in their films. But those that do, leave an indelible mark in Bond history. Here are a couple more of my favorite Bond girls in bikinis moments and a few honorable mentions:
Claudine Auger as Domino in “Thunderball”
Claudine Auger as Domino in “Thunderball”:  My favorite Bond girl in this film is Molly Peters.  She has some very sexy scenes with Sean Connery, however, she does not wear a bikini and is therefor not eligible for this blog post.  Claudine Auger wears a variety of swimwear fittingly appropos for the Bahama filming locations. Her character is a damsel in distress as well as Largo’s mistress. During the climax of Thunderball she develops fortitude when she shoots Largo and saves Bond’s life. Domino is seen diving in the ocean, swimming in Largo’s pool and relaxing on the beach with Bond.  The most memorable bikini moment is when Bond and Domino are on the beach.  She is wearing a black and white bikini.  It is more attention getting with the two colors.  During this scene Bond tells Domino that her brother has been killed. Bond also kills Vargas, “I think he got the point”.  Before heading back to the Disco Valante, Bond and Domino share a kiss and she is given a camera with a geiger counter to help find the bombs. 
Mie Hama as Kissy in “You Only Live Twice”

 Mie Hama as Kissy in “You Only Live Twice”:  Kissy wears a white bikini and tells Bond “it’s business” a few times in the film. Bond marries Kissy while undercover as a Japanese fisherman.  Kissy develops an interest in Bond when they take a rest while climbing the mountain.  Bond says “Some honeymoon.” Then she longingly  looks at him and they kiss.  A helicopter flies overhead into the volcano and they go to check out the area. Mie is involved in a lot of action scenes wearing the bikini from climbing the mountain and swimming back to get help from Tanaka and the ninjas while being shot at from a helicopter . When she returns with the ninjas and during the battle in the volcano, she is wearing a cover up with stripes but as the volcano is exploding as they escape the bikini is visible again. During the finale of the film, Bond and Kissy end up in a raft.  Taking advantage of their alone time, Bond and Kissy embrace but it won’t be for long as the MI6 submarine emerges and M asks Moneypenny to retrieve him.


Honorable mentions include the following:

Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan in “Thunderball”
Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan in “Thunderball”:  She is an undercover agent helping James Bond get close to Domino and find out more about Largo.  She is kidnapped and commits suicide by taking a cyanide pill.  Earlier in the film she is seen wearing a bikini while on a boat with Bond as they watch Domino. She says “I wouldn’t call that contact but I’ll tell them you’ve seen the girl”.  Just because you’re a government agent doesn’t mean you can’t be feminine and fashionable.  In another scene she wears a shirt tied below her bust line and some hip huger pants to expose her mid section.  Martine is a two time Bond girl having appeared in “From Russia With Love” as one of the gypsy girls.
Trina Parks as Thumper in “Diamonds are Forever”
Trina Parks as Thumper in “Diamonds Are Forever”: Since they are thought of as a duo and her companion Bambi technically only wears shorts, Thumper receives  an honorable mention.  Bambi and Thumper both give Bond a rough time with their gymnastics and fighting skills. After fighting with him in the mid century modern living room, he is pushed into the swimming pool followed by the girls diving into it.  If only they had more screen time, I think they would have added something more to the film.  It would have been a wonderful addition if we saw them hanging above the gamblers at the Circus Circus casino with a few more lines of dialog. Trina Parks is memorable for lounging on a boulder, her splits and her unique finger position when attacking Bond.
Caterina Murino as Solange in “Casino Royale”

 Caterina Murino as Solange in “Casino Royale”:  Her husband, Dimitros, showed disinterest in her while gambling even though she had made a stunning entrance into the room in a low cut dress. After she and Bond’s brief tete-a-tete she is found dead in a hammock having paid the ultimate price for her betrayal. Prior to this, Solange rides on horseback across the beach in the Bahamas while wearing a glittering seafoam green bikini. Fans are also treated to the site of Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean in blue swim trunks, looking fit.  There is a slight breeze in the air. After dismounting, she looks out towards the ocean at Bond and he is starring back. In a movie filled with lots of action and running, their first encounter scene provides a nice respite.  The scene is a beautiful example of cinematography where the actors are connected by their eye contact and thoughts of wanting to get to know the stranger they each see despite the setting of a crowded beach.


Was your favorite on my lists? Let the discussion begin.  Even if we chose different ones, all Bond girls when in a bikini or not are wonderful actresses who help make the Bond films enjoyable.  Audiences are the real winners.


Article by Sheila James

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