SPECTRE in Rome: Photocall with Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci

Earlier today Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci posed for the press in Rome as the unit moves to the Italian capital to begin filming.

SPECTRE (2015): Rome photocall

Various sources (including Variety) have already reported details of what scenes are to be filmed in Rome, including scenes in a cemetery and a high-speed car chase along the Tiber.

JBR listeners may recall that about nine years ago, Daniel Craig posed with another crimson-clad Bond girl in an Italian locale. (Photo via MI6-HQ.com.) Here’s hoping SPECTRE will go down with Casino Royale in the history books as one of the great Bond films!

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  1. Monica Bellucci still raises my blood pressure. Although Eva Green is still top 5 Bond girl material. Damn!

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