SPECTRE: Special Report #001

After yesterday’s release of the first behind the scenes footage of SPECTRE, I thought I’d jump on for a quick SPECTRE: SPECIAL REPORT!

Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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  1. Thanks for the special report, Tom. Lots of exciting things to look forward to. I decided to just watch the footage once so that nothing gets too engrained. I haven’t read any of the leaks but I do have my own theories about what we might see. It’s”Spectre-lation” time as you might say. Great work.

  2. Good work Tom. Austria looking good as a location, and a new vibe to see Daniel in that environment. I just hope the writers have got the balance right and the storyline isn’t going to be too ambitious? Definitely Bautista in the front of the car, and pretty sure it’s not Craig in the cable car.

    I read somewhere that Michael G Wilson was recovering from heart bypass surgery, so wishing him a speedy recovery. Hope he gets a chance to film his usual cameo

  3. great report tom, you mention that this film has a feeling of ‘on her majesty’s
    secret service to it. i’am inclined to agree with you.
    however it’s good to hear that Michael g. Wilson’s son is executive producer
    on this film.
    keep it in the family. that’s what my late father alway’s say’s. meaning that the
    younger generation Wilson has maybe some creative imput in filming the
    action scene’s ?

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