SPECTRE Teaser Trailer Post-Watch Group Chat!

So, in true JBR tradition, we’ll be congregating here just after the new SPECTRE teaser trailer goes live (on 007.com tonight at 11:45pm GMT) for some group chat. After the success of our group viewing of the Pinewood announcement back in December, this should be a lot of fun.

Get your Walther PPKs at the ready, Bond fans, it’s time for us to see some brand new Bond!


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  1. Predict this trailer will open darkly and have Dame Judy’s M as a voice over to some link from the other films. Big money shot in here for a WOW moment but will leave us guessing. Also pull back shot to the 007 logo that shatters into the Spectre glass at the end? So excited…

    Any other views?

  2. Can’t wait for this 🙂
    I’m looking forward to what music they use with the trailer. New version of the Bond theme or something completely different?

  3. The wait is excruciating… and this is only a teaser trailer. Imagine what I’ll be like in October.

    1. I thought the same, Oberhauser must have that meaning. This is going to be very interesting indeed!

  4. OK, watched it again. I’m a little pissed that a white cat doesn’t jump into Waltz’s lap just before the gunshot. That would have been insane!

    1. Would’ve been a bit too blunt I think. We don’t know for sure he’s Blofeld, so I prefer that surprise to come during the actual movie.

      1. True. To be honest, though, I’m not thrilled of the idea that Blofeld is an assumed name. And if he says, “My family hasn’t always gone by Oberhauser, we were once the Blofelds,” that would be cheesy as hell.

  5. I feel like if Skyfall was the film that the wider film-loving community loved, SPECTRE is going to be the Bond film for die-hard Bond fans.

      1. That meeting room is just pure epic bond! I didn’t know it was possible but i’m even more excited now!

      1. Yes we shall look after them Tom, and see that some harm comes to them. [Put on a Cold face Now]

  6. Who do they think they are, dropping this little bombshell on us, and making us wait MONTHS!! The dirty rotten teasers. JUST TAKE MY MONEY AND SHOW US!

  7. That was a REALLY good Trailer…lemme guess…007 is somehow related to an evil SPECTRE Villain, after he was orphaned…someone may have ‘taken him in”. Remember in Casino Royale when Vesper says you didn’t come from money…and wears his suit w/ disdain…some rich benefactor who looked after James as a child was likely a member of SPECTRE!!!

  8. Check the form bond looks at. It has obenhauser as his guardian. He was bond’s parent>became blofeld>bond’s guardian was blofeld…

    1. More likely Oberhauser’s son, and Bond’s childhood friend, becomes the head of SPECTRE. So Bond’s “brother” becomes his greatest enemy. A very comic book development, but I’m willing to see where it goes.

  9. Hmmmm……Agent Goldenvoice is still processing. Good stuff, plainly. My big question is, who else was in the burned photo?

    1. I didn’t fully understand what Moneypenny said – what exactly was recovered from Skyfall? 🙂

    2. Well, they had Dame Judi dench use the word f**k , so it’s possible you heard right, ha,ha, … we’re a long way from Timothy Dalton’s “Switch the bloody machine off” 🙂

  10. Best teaser ever!!! So much hinted at, not too much given away, a few suspicions confirmed but overall, awesome!!!!

  11. Looks very good, although darker than I expected. I’m glad they didn’t go co campy, or all-action.

  12. So here’s my theory…the photo is Bond as a kid, with Hans Oberhauser the adult and the other kid with the burned face is another ‘adopted’ son who grows up to be Blofeld. Whaddya reckon?

      1. You mean the secret that as a young boy he watch Hannes Oberhauser kill his parents and Bond in return Kills him. Bonds first Kill…his first Revenge! Aaaah my head!

    1. I completely agree. Wow, this is going to be huge, bond biggest enemy is potentially the kid he great up with!

    2. I feel like some people might think that’s cheesy…but I absolutely love it. I think it brings a whole new angle to things.

      Thing is, how can they wrap this story up with just 2 films? Daniel has to make more, surely!

      1. I know Connery and Moore got the original Fleming texts but they weren’t really used to their full potential and some films, were just reworking of previous stories.

        I feel like this is setting Craig up to have the best “stories” of any Bond. #VivaSamMendes

    3. I pretty much assumed the same thing, I think there’s no denying in this theory! Absolutely love the idea of Bond and his arch nemesis going way back to childhood! I also am under the impression that Quantum is a Different organisation than SPECTRE, Mr. White almost seems to fear SPECTRE in some ways.

      1. Yeah. Mr. White looks might dishevelled in the trailer. I’m guessing Quantum technically still exists at the start of SPECTRE but is quickly swallowed up, Mr White being one of the few remaining members, limping to a grisly death.

  13. This must take place really soon after Skyfall. With MI6 still being a shithole and Bond too lazy to put his books on the shelf/put a picture up.

  14. Ties up CR, QoS and SF together. ‘Welcome James’ was as close as ‘We’ve been expecting you Mr Bond’… Calling him James means he knows him personally and ties back to Waltz playing Blofeld. This feels like CR but with a tone of SF if not darker. Finally – I think this is the first film to directly link another 3 films plot points.

      1. 100% agree, might be a good way to tie up DC’s Bond (like Nolans TDK trilogy)? Last one possibly or spread over next one?? Christ, this means we may have to re-evaluate all the DC films under one epic plot thread!

  15. I tried to spot Hinx in the background when the camera went to “oberhauser” but unfortunately he could not be seen

  16. Finally some real continuity in the Bond films. Haven’t seen that since the 60s Bonds (and even then continuity was very flaky)

  17. Love this teaser, everything about it looks just so well put together. Great cinematography, atmospheric lighting, not too much action (yet) and of course Spectre. Can’t wait!!!!

  18. I think I can also dig the fact that the Bond movies are going for a bit of continuity. This is obviously picking up the pieces after Skyfall and even ties some CR and QOS stuff.

  19. I do wonder however about that shot of MI6 are busted up. Didn’t Skyfall end with Bond in M’s refurbished office? Was that not at MI6 then?

      1. Not sure. I’d have to re-watch Skyfall to be sure.
        *thinks to self*
        James Bond movie marathon time!!!!

  20. Nice bit of musical reference to bond as a child with the theme played on the xylophone, like a kids toy

    1. That’s perhaps the one little thing I wasn’t a huge fan of. but we’ll see how the score is when the film comes out.

      1. It’ll be like the Skyfall teaser. There was a techno version of the theme which was never heard again.

  21. Very gloomy looking footage shown in that trailer and not much action, but certainly very intersting stuff there, It wets the apatight!

    1. Is that not amazing. Right out of the gate and Bang! a classic to go with ”No, no. Today is the first day of the rest of your life” [Sanchez]…”No Mr. Bond I want you to die” [Goldfinger]…”Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him” [Drax]…”You know, I never understood all these elaborate tortures. It’s the simplest thing… to cause more pain than a man can possibly endure. [Le Chiffre].

  22. You know what makes this INFINITELY more amazing? That now, as we go back, Casino Royale and Quantum are going to have an entirely different meaning. Those story lines will have a new level of coolness knowing that SPECTRE was ultimately behind everything that happened in those films!

  23. I really hope that Bonds secret isn’t that he basically grew up as Blofelds brother or something like that, if it is it has to be done really, really well. Something a little more than just growing up together with the same guardian then going their seperate ways. The idea is interesting but I hope they are just leading us on a little with it!

      1. The Bond writers are definitely capable of doing it really, really well of course! And true, perhaps it’s just such a HUGE curveball I can’t quite wrap my head around it yet – if thats the secret anyway! Exciting times!!!

        1. Sooner or later the writers have to do something different, otherwise things grow stale. Just the presentation of Bond himself and the tone set by CR was quite different from what we had seen in most of the previous films. It seemed radical, but most of us ate it up quickly enough and now we love it. Bond and Blofeld somehow related? Definitely risky business but it could pay off in spades.

      1. I suppose, if they DO do it well, it’s going to be AMAZING. If they can convince me of that story through great writing then i’ll embrace it with open arms!

  24. My biggest fear about “SPECTRE” would be “Your parents didn’t die in an accident, James. They were murdered!” Praise God that doesn’t seem to be the case, but it could still be in there.

      1. I say good on him for sticking to his guns. He can always check out the trailers after seeing the film anyways. On the flip, this is a f*cking good trailer!

  25. This could be an interesting variation on the idea they had years ago of Bond’s mentor turned enemy agent. Didn’t they offer Anthony Hopkins that part during the Brosnan years?

    1. Yeah, I believe he was offered the chance to be Alec in Goldeneye which would’ve been good. Would’ve linked to the Cossack idea.

      1. Early concept for “GoldenEye” was that Alec was older than Bond, a mentor, and as Liam notes, the Cossack angle would have made more sense. Anthony Hopkins was rumored as the villain at this stage.

        I think Hopkins was rumored as a Bond villain several times, including the Carver role.

  26. I felt that the final sentence of Waltz followed by the thundering music and Bond theme leave you behind shaken…you have no idea what to expect, no real perception of the evil. But it does something to you

  27. That was well worth waiting up for. That trailer may well be played a few times during my train journey to London tomorrow. I may have to pass by Vauxhall Cross to make sure it’s really in one piece.

    1. The ring, shadowy Blofeld. *love hearing the sinister voice*. I love the exterior shots of the funeral sequence. Brilliant.. The cinematography is awesome.

    1. If Chris doesn’t find out anything about the plot or watch any trailers at all he’s a fucking powerhouse.

      1. I admire his will power!

        I told myself I’d try to avoid as much as possible but that lasted all of 15 minutes. I even got the Empire magazine with the feature, though I’m yet to read it in fear of some spoilery detail!

  28. HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! Fuck Star Wars that teaser was far better than that piece of shit. So much little hints from the beginning with the picture of Oberhauser and a young bond and then the spectre ring and the fucking meeting that was so fucking AWESOME!!!!

  29. Great stuff! Very hyped about this! The SPECTRE room. Love the idea of Blofeld actually being someone from Bond’s childhood and now being the head of SPECTRE. Good god this is awesome. Also mr. White’s return!

  30. It was obviously Waltz’s shadow at the end and he doesn’t seem to have shaved his head, but do people think he might have a facial scar? Which is why they were shadowing his face for the trailer?

  31. Even in the Chronology of 007’s youth we know he went to live with his Aunt Charmaine after his parents died, and even referred to Hannes Oberhauser as “somewhat of a Father Figure” after teaching him to ski, when he went off to Eton.

  32. I’ve been watching Bond for a long time, lived through the ups and downs and I can safely say this present era of Bond is the Best since the first 4 Connery films. Pinch your skin, cause there is no better time to be a Bond fan. This teaser is…..OMG…I got to go watch it again.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. We’re getting the highest caliber of cast and crew working on these films. Civilians are in for a treat, we Bond fans are in for a feast!

  33. To any art-knowing people out there – is it possible to identify the paintings in what seems to be Bond’s apartment? Also: I had no idea Bond has enough time for all the books that are scattered around his place

    1. That scene is amazing already and we’ve only seen about 10 seconds of it! Can’t wait to see what happens. I’ve no doubts about that scene whatsoever!

  34. Right, well, that’s about all the excitement I can deal with for one evening.

    Just want to say It’s been great to chat about it with like-minded fans and read everyone’s views. I’ll definitely get involved again. Thanks to the guys (well, Tom this time) for hosting this straight after the trailer was released.

    I look forward to the special episode with almost as much tension as I did the trailer itself.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! It will be tough to sleep tonight.
    One more watch…

      1. So, around what time tomorrow (or rather today) can we expect the special report, operative? 🙂

      2. There’s no way I’m getting to sleep anytime soon. Currently writing a reactions blog to try and compose myself haha

  35. “You are kite…dancing in a Hurricane Mr. Bond”
    Well folks the teaser is only 1:36 long and we already have a line to go with the classics. I don’t know what to say…but…I’m misty eyed as I write this…this is the same feeling I had after watching Casino…

  36. I would love to hear Blofeld or mr white say SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence terrorising Revenge and Extortion

  37. If we knew the trailer was going to be that good, we could have all ordered some of that special butter Tom uses at a time like this! ;D

  38. The old pic of Bond, Hannes & Franz Oberhauser. The burned out face a symbol for a damaged face…I think this means Waltz is playing Blofeld straight with no scars…on the outside at least.

      1. I thought so at first, too. But I just watched it again and he inspects the ring, so he couldn’t be.

  39. I will be interested to hear how many times Tom has shat his pants, that being the new rating scale on such matters.

  40. Theory – in the scene where Bond finds White, it’s because White is on the run from SPECTRE (presumably because he failed). Bond is there to kill White – sent by SPECTRE! Don’t know why or how, just a theory based on the teaser.

    Anyway, it looks great.

      1. Well you said in the podcast that it’s ice, which I agree with. I think someone dies as a result of murder in or on ice. I like the theory with connection with the unsolved murder of Oberhauser.

        Also super intriqued by “a secret you cannot tell anyone, because you can’t trust anyone…” Hmmm. Bond involved as a young man in someone bad, like his foster father’s death? His stepbrother (future Blofeld) manipulated him into doing it? Depends how deep they want to go with the characters.

  41. So come on Tom, it’s almost 9am. You should have been up for 2 hours, been for a run, had a cold shower, breakfasted on scrambled eggs with salmon, fresh orange juice, black coffee, toast with marmalade, and have recorded a podcast by now. Pull your finger out man.

  42. I love the order of temporary guardianship papers giving James to hannes Oberhauser from Charmaine bond. Love it.

  43. You’re right Tom, it is ice and not glass. If you listen close you can hear the sound of crackling ice after the gun shot.

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